8 Ways to use Mobile messaging for your Garage

Text Messaging for Garages

Many of the problems associated with the effective running of a garage could be solved with the use of an effective, reliable and fast communication method. One of the main problems that could be sidestepped through the use of such a service would be missed appointments and bookings; ensuring that the time of mechanics is best spent during the course of a working day, rather than spent waiting for a customer that is never going to arrive.

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How to reduce missed appointments

calendar with appointment reminderIsn’t it frustrating when a customer doesn’t turn up to their appointment? You’ve put in all the hard work attracting them with your marketing, you’ve booked them in, set aside your valuable time and then? Nothing! Of course there are a lot of reasons they might have missed their appointment but we can all admit to missing an appointment here and there through pure forgetfulness. We have busy lives, something comes up, you don’t check your calender properly in the morning or get caught chatting with a friend.

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Send mobile tickets to your customers – Entertainment marketing

mobile ticket entertainment marketingThere’s really nothing worse than turning up to an event and realising that you’ve left the ticket at home! By leveraging a comprehensive text and SMS messaging service, it’s not only that much easier to strengthen ticket sales, but also much easier for customers to gain entry. After all, you’re far less likely to lose your phone than a small stub of paper; SMS delivered tickets are more reliable and easier to use than the traditional alternative. Delivery via text also does away with the worries of trying to find Wifi or 4G to download an e-ticket, once the text is delivered the ticket is there, safe and sound.

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SMS for Hotels : Integrate SMS into your Hotel’s Marketing Strategy

SMS is the ultimate way to reach customers easily and instantly. When was the last time you spent a day without having your phone with you? Can’t recall? I can’t. Our phones are part of our lives, at work, at home and on holiday. And this is a great opportunity for businesses: 97% of text messages are opened and read within 5 seconds after being received; with email it’s as little as 20%.

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Restaurant Loyalty Cards: Do They Really Work?


Attracting new customers to your restaurant is probably where you put your key emphasis when you think of marketing. Expand your brand, increase your customer base and grow your business!

But how much effort are you putting in to retaining and rewarding your existing customers? These are the people who already love your brand, they’ve come in before and there’s a good chance they’ll want to come back. A lot of restaurants only use the tired, tried and tested methods of rewarding loyal customers. Maybe you do a ‘2 Meals for £10’ night or have a loyalty card that gets them £1 off a round of drinks on a Friday. It is rewarding them, but every pub, bar and restaurant is doing that.

What are you doing to stand out? What are you doing to make sure they come to you rather than any other restaurant or pub with a similar deal?

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