Overcoming 4 Common Objections To Marketing Automation

marketing automationWhilst Marketing Automation is not a new technology it is still new to many people. The uptake of it has been relatively slow and it has been plagued with some common objections. Many of these are perfectly valid, bad experiences and platforms designed to be sold rather than to sell have left many small businesses with a negative impression of Marketing Automation as a whole.

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Could Call Tracking Help You Prove Your Value?

Call Tracking Marketing Automation

Cold Calling has fallen out of fashion with the rise of Inbound Marketing. I doubt anyone is sad about receiving less cold calls and everyone seems to be pleased to be having to make less of them. The telephone remains an important channel of communication for a modern business albeit with the focus changed from outbound calling to inbound listening. This presents new challenges, the biggest challenge with inbound calls is tracking and attributing them. Continue reading

Inbound, Content, Native, Social – Marketing

Marketing Terms Phrases Inbound

I’ve recently graduated from University and I remember while I was there the people studying Marketing talked a lot about Native Marketing. The people in Marketing jobs talked a lot about Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Now it’s Inbound Marketing that is the hot new methodology.

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Growing Leads and Sales with Marketing Automation

Marketing_automationThere are a number of things that factor when putting your online marketing strategy together. Your marketing strategy needs to fit in with your business objectives and brand awareness will no doubt be one of those. But ultimately your goal is to generate more leads and convert them into paying customers. This is where a good marketing automation solution can help. It can multiply your effectiveness to attract more website visits, and nurture your leads through their entire buying process.

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