Social Media Trends and News Q2 2016

Social Media Trends and News 2016

As we near the halfway point of the year there is still no sign of recovery for Twitter though Instagram seems to have stopped its slide and its engagement rate is beginning to creep back up. Here are the key social media trends and news items from the last 3 months.

Twitter’s Troubles Continue

Twitter’s stock price has continued its tumble amid renewed accusations of censorship, missed revenue targets and a number of changes to it’s senior staff. Despite achieving slightly above the forecasted increase in user base Twitter fell short of its revenue target by 2.2% equating to roughly $13 million. Continue reading

Facebook Professional Services: Yelp beater?

Facebook Professional Services

This article was originally published on MyCustomer by Rob Thomas (18/01/2016)

In the days leading up to last Christmas, Facebook quietly launched a new feature with no fanfare at all. This feature could have big consequences for Facebook users and business rivals alike. In the days following the discovery of Facebook Professional Services, the stock price of Yelp took a 9% dive.

What exactly is Facebook Professional Services?

Facebook has been keeping its cards close to their its with this release, and as such there has been speculation around certain aspects of the new feature. Here’s what we know so far. Continue reading

Geotargeting and Responsive Web Design | Increase Footfall and Conversions

Get Ahead with (1)

Almost no-one in the UK is without a Smartphone by their side for most of the day. Taking advantage of this fact is becoming easier every day. The impact of not catering to the Mobile browser is equally becoming more damaging every day. By getting ahead of the curve and actively seeking to take advantage of all the new avenues for Marketing that Mobile offers you can beat out the competition. Continue reading

5 Tips to Optimise your Google Places Listing for Local SEO

Local SEO:

The removal of third party reviews from Google places pages has had quite an impact on local SEO.  Previously people had many reviews sucked in from other directories and review sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp etc. which helped push their listings up the search engine rankings.  Now that these have been stripped out and only reviews from other Google users show many are finding that their Google places pages have slipped down the rankings and are appearing lower down the page on search results.

WSI local seo Image

The way to remedy this is to use your Google places page to improve your visibility and help build your reputation.  Below are 5 tips to help you optimize your page and push it back up the search rankings.

  1. Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your Google places page.  The more reviews you have, the higher up the page you will appear.  Google have made the review buttons more prominent to help users leave reviews. In addition Google only lists 7 place markers per search; the more reviews you have the more likely you will be in that 7.
  2. Make sure that your Google places page content includes as many relevant search terms and key words as possible.
  3. Google loves data.  Add pictures, video and as much detail as you can to your page.
  4. Update and refresh your page.  Google loves fresh content, so every time a review is posted or you update something in the detail it sees fresh content and can improve your rankings.
  5. Use your places page to make offers and provide discounts to potential customers who view your page listing but make sure you review and remove or replace them if they are date specific.

Whilst we would not claim the WSI-eMarketing Google Places  listing is perfect by any means, it may give you a feel for what a fully completed listing, with customer feedback looks like! And to prove it works for SEO via local search too, through a mixture of having an active listing AND gaining regular customer feedback, we now rank position No.1 for Social Media  and Reputation Management in the county of South Gloucestershire

Since the removal of third party review have you seen your Google places page drop down the search engine rankings?  If so, what steps did you take to turn this around and were they successful?  Share your experiences with our readers.