Improve Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index

Social_Selling_IndexThe LinkedIn Social Selling Index has been available to everyone for around a month now so it’s high time we make a few reflections on it. What it brings to the table, what the issues surrounding it are and how to improve it. If you’re unfamiliar with the LinkedIn SSI check out our first blog introducing the tool here.


The first thing to say is that the Social Selling Index should not be a vanity measure. There has been some disagreement within the Social Selling community about exactly how valuable the SSI is. A lot of the measures LinkedIn uses to calculate the score are based on quantity of interactions rather than the quality of those interactions. If you get too focussed on simply making your SSI score as high as possible then it certainly could actually harm your effectiveness when it comes to making sales and closing leads.

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Deciding On Company Social Media Policy


In 2015 it’s essential for a business of any size to have a Social Media Policy. Even if your business doesn’t use social media (but it certainly should!) then your employees will. You might consider banning Social media altogther during business hours, but this isn’t an effective solution. For one, employees with access to Social Media have been shown to be more productive. But more important than that, Social Media used outside of company hours and grounds can still be hugely damaging.

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Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

LinkedIn_mistakesLinkedIn is the top social media platform for people in business and it’s a great tool for making connections. It’s also great for identifying your prospective customers and clients and those who are likely to influence them, and so can be a great sales tool too. BUT there’s a right way and wrong way to use it. .

Here are some of the most common mistakes we see. Avoid them, and you’re on your way to successfully using LinkedIn for business.

1. No profile picture or an unsuitable one
People do business with people. They want to see who you are, so make sure you have an appropriate profile picture. Notice the word ‘appropriate’ in there. If you are a business owner wanting to make business connections, pictures of your pets, children and holidays are a no no (you have Facebook and Instagram for those). A suitable business picture is recommended. That’s not to say you always have to be ‘suited and booted’. If your business is outdoor pursuits, or ski school, then a picture of you at the top of a ski run or sitting in a canoe would, of course be appropriate. Basically, a sensible head and shoulder shot is what’s needed – no pouting selfies, glamour make overs or silly poses.

2. Not having a summary
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Unlocking the Power of Social with Hootsuite’s Dan Spicer

HS_DanSpicerHootsuite’s Dan Spicer talked to businesses about how to harness the power of social at the UK WSI Digital Summit today.

Social media has a massive impact in all areas of our lives. Whether it’s businesses, the media or politicians, social media allows you to get news out and engage with people in a fraction of the time it used to take. Something that happens in one place can be across the world in seconds.

If businesses use social properly, you can provide a great customer experience which will bring business benefits.

Dan gave some great examples of brands doing it well but one of the most memorable is Oreo. Remember when the lights went out at the superbowl? Oreo were quick to take advantage of the situation and got a social media post out that went viral. That social media post cost a tiny fraction of the official ad, but was seen, shared and liked by thousands more people. They were able to capitalise because they were monitoring their social media and were quick to engage. Continue reading

Products and Services are being removed from LinkedIn Company Pages – What do you do now?

Image of LinkedIn company pageMonday next week (April 14th) sees the removal of products and services from LinkedIn Company Pages.

Frustrating though it may be for those of us who’ve worked hard to refine our products and services pages and get good client recommendations on them, they are going and we have to be prepared. We have to make sure we have everything in place so we do not see a major adverse impact on our company pages.

The view of LinkedIn is that by now having dedicated Showcase pages you can build stronger relationships with members who want to follow specific areas of your business, while still keeping those who have a general interest in your overall business up to date with what’s going on.

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5 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Your Business

logo.smlAs a professional of any business, having a page to showcase your work experience is vital to increasing your business exposure.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social networking site for professionals with 250 million members in over 200 countries.

Since the site launched in 2003, the way users have viewed the pages (personal and company) has changed considerably – 63% more pages were viewed on mobile and desktop versions in the first quarter of 2013 than during the same quarter in 2012.

So, just how can LinkedIn help your business?
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