Lead your customer to the problem and solution

why giving your customers the solution is not the answer

It can be very frustrating when you know you have a great product that could solve your prospects problems but they just don’t seem to see it! Unfortunately it’s often our fault as Marketers, simply having the solution to a problem is not enough to sell it. Even if a prospect has the problem your product solves they may simply not recognise that problem as an issue. Selling a product to someone looking for a solution to a problem is easy. Making a prospect understand they have a problem that can be solved with your product is much harder.

In an ideal world where we talk about the Buyers Journey there are 3 stages; Awareness – Consideration – Decision. In reality though before people even get to the Awareness stage you need to be influencing how they think and feel about the problem your product solves. Crafting the perfect messages and Calls-To-Action is all academic if the prospect feels they have no need of your product. Continue reading

Online Reputation Management | You Need To Maintain Your Digital Presence

Online Reputation Management

Most business people accept the need for Social Media both on on a personal and Brand level. Most will also agree that a good reputation is important. When you ask what Online Reputation Management consists of you’ll start to get a lot of very different answers. For many people the term ‘Reputation Management gets them thinking about crisis management, what they need to be doing when their reputation comes under attack. In the modern, always-online world Reputation Management has become a far wider practice and something you can’t afford to not be doing.

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Social Proof – Do You Really Understand The Concepts?

Social Proof Understand Applications

Social Proof is an incredibly powerful force that influences everyone, regardless of whether they think it does or not. At the heart of the idea of Social Proof is that despite what we think about our own individuality we all have an inherent desire to conform. We have the innate assumption hardwired that the behaviour of those around us is correct. Obviously this can be overcome by conscious thought but in the day to day life of the average person this is a very strong force.

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Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

LinkedIn_mistakesLinkedIn is the top social media platform for people in business and it’s a great tool for making connections. It’s also great for identifying your prospective customers and clients and those who are likely to influence them, and so can be a great sales tool too. BUT there’s a right way and wrong way to use it. .

Here are some of the most common mistakes we see. Avoid them, and you’re on your way to successfully using LinkedIn for business.

1. No profile picture or an unsuitable one
People do business with people. They want to see who you are, so make sure you have an appropriate profile picture. Notice the word ‘appropriate’ in there. If you are a business owner wanting to make business connections, pictures of your pets, children and holidays are a no no (you have Facebook and Instagram for those). A suitable business picture is recommended. That’s not to say you always have to be ‘suited and booted’. If your business is outdoor pursuits, or ski school, then a picture of you at the top of a ski run or sitting in a canoe would, of course be appropriate. Basically, a sensible head and shoulder shot is what’s needed – no pouting selfies, glamour make overs or silly poses.

2. Not having a summary
This is where people learn about you and your business. If it’s blank, then all you have is a CV. Continue reading