5 Social Media Content Ideas For Increased Engagement

Social Media ContentOne of the biggest challenges businesses face is creating social media content that consistently keeps the audience interested. You need to find the right balance and the point is not to sound like a sales pitch but more like a conversation. How does the audience benefit from reading your content? What value or benefit does it offer?

Lackluster research and poor writing is a sure way of putting off your audience. Content creation should be taken seriously and if not, you are better off without it. Never post just for the sake of posting something; make an effort and the leads will follow. Continue reading

Stay Competitive And Grow With Marketing Automation

marketing automation case studyMarketing automation has gained considerable traction over the last few years and for good reason. It’s a powerful solution to help businesses grow by streamlining, automating and monitoring all marketing efforts. The most important aspect to always remember is a customer-first mindset. Your customer’s needs and wants are the focus point, not what you want them to buy or do. Continue reading

7 Tips For Effective Lead Generation

picture of scalesMarketing is the management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer

It can generate that all important awareness and spark up an interest in what your business can offer your current, and prospect, customers.

But what’s the point of marketing if it doesn’t generate business? Returning or new customers have to be reached somehow.


Here are 7 tips for effective lead generation.

1. Call to action
Facebook lifted a clause  from its page guidelines earlier this year which prohibited users from using calls-to-actions on, or in the caption of, cover photographs. This now means that when a page fan, or new potential new fan, lands on your Facebook page, they can be directed to a site where you would like them to go. They are now a warm lead and it is likely that they will become a customer because you have engaged with them and presented an interest via the social media. It is important to have clear calls to action on all marketing material. This could be; ‘call now for a free quote’ or ‘visit our website for more information’. This means that you can drive your search traffic to where you want them to end up.
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