Building a Landing Page that converts


landing page conversion bannerDoes your digital advertising send your visitors to your home page as the starting point of their journey? If so, you could be wasting your digital advertising budget and ought to think again! A well architected landing page is much more likely to convert visitors into leads.

A dedicated landing page can be an extension of your campaign, ensuring that the focus of your visitor is kept clearly on the reason they clicked on your ad in the first place. There’s no reason for them to look around elsewhere trying to find more information and you achieve your ultimate goal – lead capture.

When building your landing page you need to have 3 things clear in your mind:

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Common PPC Shortcomings | Part 2

This is the second part of a 2 part post. You can access Part 1 here.

Common PPC Shortcomings 4-6

If you haven’t read part 1 of our Common PPC Shortcomings series you can find it here. In our day to day work we find a large amount of PPC ads have similar faults. Often they are the kind of thing someone setting up their own ads wouldn’t think of. This also means these things aren’t asked of an agency so even if you’ve outsourced to a professional you may unfortunately still have these problems present in your PPC campaigns.

Part 2 focuses on extensions. Call Extensions, Sitelink Extensions and Location Extensions. If you’re not sure what any of those are then you need to read on! There’s a good chance you might be losing out because you haven’t asked for these things. The right extensions can have a huge effect on Click Through Rates across the board.

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Has Understanding Your Bounce Rate Got You Bouncing Off The Walls?

Bounce Rate Bad Good

Bounce Rate is an important metric when it comes to measuring the optimisation of your pages, blogs and ads. However it’s not as simple as just a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ Bounce Rate. Depending on the type of page and the aim of it a ‘good’ Bounce Rate can vary wildly. The Bounce Rate tells you if visitors are staying on your website or if they’re leaving without taking a look around.

So What Exactly Is Bounce Rate?

A site visitor has ‘bounced’ if they leave your site after viewing only a single page. If a visitor bounces it suggests one of two things, either they’ve found exactly what they were looking for or they see nothing they’re looking for. Context is important when it comes to deciding whether your Bounce Rate is in the right ballpark. Continue reading

7 Tips For Effective Lead Generation

picture of scalesMarketing is the management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer

It can generate that all important awareness and spark up an interest in what your business can offer your current, and prospect, customers.

But what’s the point of marketing if it doesn’t generate business? Returning or new customers have to be reached somehow.


Here are 7 tips for effective lead generation.

1. Call to action
Facebook lifted a clause  from its page guidelines earlier this year which prohibited users from using calls-to-actions on, or in the caption of, cover photographs. This now means that when a page fan, or new potential new fan, lands on your Facebook page, they can be directed to a site where you would like them to go. They are now a warm lead and it is likely that they will become a customer because you have engaged with them and presented an interest via the social media. It is important to have clear calls to action on all marketing material. This could be; ‘call now for a free quote’ or ‘visit our website for more information’. This means that you can drive your search traffic to where you want them to end up.
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