Stay Competitive And Grow With Marketing Automation

marketing automation case studyMarketing automation has gained considerable traction over the last few years and for good reason. It’s a powerful solution to help businesses grow by streamlining, automating and monitoring all marketing efforts. The most important aspect to always remember is a customer-first mindset. Your customer’s needs and wants are the focus point, not what you want them to buy or do. Continue reading

Click-Through Rate Low? Open Rate Down?

Is your Click-Through Rate low? Can’t get your email Open Rate to creep above a percent or two? If so you should have been at the ‘Grow With Digital’ event today and listened to Tamsin Fox-Davies give an email marketing masterclass.

Taking lessons learned from studying the mountains of data Constant Contact have access to and applying them to the every day business of email marketing for SMEs.

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Grow With Digital | Paid Search Expert Advice

Grow With Digital Paid Search PPC

We recently interviewed Jack Porter-Smith of WSI Paid Search, a PPC expert and Google Top Ten Contributor as part of our ‘Grow With Digital’ series. Here are a few of the insights that came out of the interview.

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Who Needs Digital Marketing?

Digital_marketing_circleThis post follows on from a LinkedIn post I wrote back in July about works experience.

We recently had a works experience student with us and I wrote a blog post about why it’s important to give students a real taste of working life. As part of that placement, Jack (the student) came up with some good questions that he wanted answers to. One of those questions was ‘Who needs digital marketing?’

Good question!

As somebody completely new to marketing, it was understandable that he didn’t realise where and how digital marketing could be used. Just because you are not responsible for the marketing of a business in the traditional sense, it doesn’t mean you don’t need marketing.

If you’re running a business, then yes, content marketing, paid advertising and search engine optimisation all play a part, as does social media marketing and reputation management. You need to use these digital tools at some point to help retain customers, get new customers and grow your business. Everyone seems to get this.

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