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I am a great fan of Google plus, but I do feel businesses are missing a few great tricks, with this wonderful platform. Two tools that either companies are not doing or are not using at all are reviews and polls. Firstly they are not making the most out of the “Reviews” tab on their business page and secondly, there is the option of creating a poll, which is a great way to collect data.

So here is how and why you should be using these tools. Continue reading

Google Hangouts – 6 Ways you can Use them to Promote your Business

Google Hangouts Features imageGoogle+ was launched just 2 years ago in June 2011. In the first 6 months of its existence it accumulated over 40 million users, and at the last count (September 2012), the membership had grown to over 400 million.

Business Community Awareness

Google+ was originally launched as a social networking platform. But of course with such a large numbers of live users, it was only a matter of time before it came to the attention of the business networking community too, which is always on the lookout for new ways of delivering their B2B marketing strategies. As more and more businesses are currently jumping on the Google+ bandwagon, now is an opportune time to investigate how to make the best of what it has to offer, particularly through its “hangouts” function. Continue reading

What is Google+ Local?

A recent change to the way Google lists local businesses is set to transform the online marketing landscape – for the better. Gone is the familiar Google Places listing to be replaced with the more social ‘ Google+ Local ’ format.

While still in the transition process, the plan is to merge Google’s social media platform, Google+ (which continues to grow at a pace) with Google Places, to create Google+ Local Pages. The result
being that all searches conducted via Google Search and Google Maps will also include Google+ Local Page results.

Add to this the Google+ recommendation feature (called Zagat) and you have a very powerful way to market your business at a local level. Continue reading

Google+ Local – 3 Key changes

As of May 30th Google have officially started converting all Google Places listings to the new format: Google+ Local. Google+ Local provides a geographic search within Google+ itself (the new tab can be found between circles and games).

This change furthers Google’s push to integrate its products heavily with Google+, although it will undoubtedly leave some users and business owners confused. Here are our 3 Key learning points regarding the change: Continue reading

Leveraging the + Power of Social Media

If you have your own website or online business, an efficient social profile page using  Google+ for business will let you explore a whole new world of social media marketing, that is not only fun, but easy and profitable.

  • Google+ posts sent to “public” rank fairly well in Google search results. Merging Google properties into Google+ and integrating it with the search engines has a tremendous impact on where your company appears in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • You can manage circles—distribute clients into specific categories and share different posts, news or deals with different circles accordingly. This is a great way to connect with fans and share information with clients.
  • “Hangouts” is another great way to engage your customers and colleagues. It’s a high quality video chat that allows you to interact with your fans face to face. This interaction will allow you to get to know them, answer questions as well as get live product/service feedback. Businesses can also use “Hangouts” for video conferencing, to push live events and seminars to customers.
  • Use the Google+ badge to promote your site and your Google+ page. Google+ badge links your website with your Google+ page and lets others know you’re here. When a visitor likes your site and clicks the icon they will be taken directly to your Google+ page and will be able to share and follow your posts.
  • Google+ Direct allows people to simply enter a ‘+’ before your company name when searching on Google and get directly to your Google+ page.
  • The +1 button on Google+ is an ideal way to have customers spread the word about your business and its presence on Google+.  You can also connect your +1’s from your website to your +1’s on your Google+ page. People tend to trust recommendations from people they already know.
  • “Ripples” is a Google+ tool that allows you to watch your posts and information as they travel across social networks.  You can easily determine who is sharing your content and who is paying attention to it.
  • With “analytics”, you can get information about your page’s followers, visitors, and the general traffic and social activity around your business.

Google+ for business is unique in that it has blurred the lines between personal social networks such as Facebook, and business networks like LinkedIn. Contact your WSI eMarketing Consultant to help you invigorate you web presence with the social media game changer — Google+.

Spotlight on Google+

WSI eMarketing Google+

The launch of the Google+ platform to businesses in the form of Google+ Pages means increased opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Whilst many people are already aware of the benefits of social networking some of the features of the Google+ pages can be particularly beneficial to businesses.

As you may expect, Google+ pages incorporates much of the functionality of Google+; you can share content, create Hang Outs, edit profile information and add people to circles (with permission). Here are a few areas where Google+ Pages can benefit your business.

Avoiding Clutter:
Facebook received early accolades for being more visually pleasing than other existing social networking sites, but has since become cluttered with adverts and other content which can easily become unwelcome distractions.

By contrast, Google+ Pages still has plenty of white space without ads and has announced that it has no plans to change this on its social network.

A New Level of Customer Engagement:
Google+ Pages has taken customer interaction to a whole new level. With its Hang Out feature you can now hold meetings, make presentations, run webinars and even provide customer service assistance in real time.

Improved Search Results:
With the introduction of Google+1, Google has made it clear that the number of +1s on a website will have an impact on the search engine ranking, with more +1s meaning higher rankings. So engaging with your customers using your Google+ pages may ultimately benefit your search engine rankings.

Segmenting Customers:
When you have been added to someone’s Google+ circle, you then have the ability to organise your audience into circles of your own. This is an ideal opportunity to segment your followers, which in turn enables you to send more targeted messages and posts to your customers.

Google+ and Google+ Pages are of course in direct competition with Facebook and Facebook Pages for business and whilst Google has some way to go before it can threaten Facebook’s dominance, the speed of growth of Google+ will no doubt make Facebook sit up and pay attention.

Have you integrated Google+ into your internet marketing strategy? 

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