Demystifying The World of Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine MarketingSearch Engine Optimisation may have been taking a back seat recently due to the increase in use of Social technologies; but a good Search Engine Marketing campaign will still drive quality traffic to your website!

In this video we share our Search Engine Marketing best practices that help to avoid being penalised by search engine algorithm updates:

1. There Are No Search Engine Marketing Short Cuts

There are no magic formulas or ‘SEO systems’ that guarantee to achieve sustainable top search rankings. Continue reading

What is Google Panda and Penguin – And How To Avoid Being Impacted

In a pursuit to serve the most original, relevant and high-quality content to search engine users, Google is continually looking for ways to improve their search algorithm. Panda and Penguin are two Google algorithm updates, known for the dramatic impact they’ve had on thousands of websites and blogs.

These algorithm updates changed the way in which Google ranks websites and in turn, they revolutionized Search Engine Optimization practices forevermore. Continue reading