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We recently interviewed Jack Porter-Smith of WSI Paid Search, a PPC expert and Google Top Ten Contributor as part of our ‘Grow With Digital’ series. Here are a few of the insights that came out of the interview.

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Geotargeting – Why Should I Geotarget Ads?


Geotargeting is a great way to get the most out of your PPC budget. Many businesses have to make some consideration to location for the service or product they provide. If this is the case then advertising their product to everyone, everywhere is a waste of resources. So what is Geotargeting?

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How to avoid falling foul of Google Algorithm Updates

Google wordPanda, Penguin and Hummingbird – the major Google algorithm updates. You may well have heard about them so know why they’ve been introduced. If not, put simply, Google want to give searchers the best results they can and they’re not happy with people who are trying to fool their search engine. There’s a good summary of the major changes in this article by Groove.

Some older Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices (we call them ‘black hat’ practices) were all about fooling the search engines to get their entries higher up the search rankings. In the earlier days of the internet it was generally accepted that you’d have to sift through results, but things have moved on. Searchers are more discerning. They want the most relevant results, first time. They want answers to their questions and so the search engines have to move on too. The Google algorithm updates are all about improving the search experience to meet our demands. Continue reading

Demystifying The World of Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine MarketingSearch Engine Optimisation may have been taking a back seat recently due to the increase in use of Social technologies; but a good Search Engine Marketing campaign will still drive quality traffic to your website!

In this video we share our Search Engine Marketing best practices that help to avoid being penalised by search engine algorithm updates:

1. There Are No Search Engine Marketing Short Cuts

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