Small business – Website or Facebook Page

small business - Website or Facebook PageIf you’re asking yourself “I am only a small business, do I really need a website as well as a Facebook page?” then this blog is for you!

First thing is if you think a website alone will bring in business, you’re wrong! For a small business a website is more like a brochure, it’s a simple but very effective way of showcasing your work/products as well as defining your brand and business values. Continue reading

6 top tips on how to get the best out of your Facebook business page

Monetizing Facebook for businessIn Europe alone there are 243.2 million Facebook subscribers (internetworldstats, 2012). If the market is right, how can a business reach out to them? Get on Facebook.

A Facebook page can generate some serious value to your business, but such actions need to be well thought out and planned.

Here are the 6 top tips, on how to attract potential clients and engage with them so they stay in business with your business:
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