5 Social Media Content Ideas For Increased Engagement

Social Media ContentOne of the biggest challenges businesses face is creating social media content that consistently keeps the audience interested. You need to find the right balance and the point is not to sound like a sales pitch but more like a conversation. How does the audience benefit from reading your content? What value or benefit does it offer?

Lackluster research and poor writing is a sure way of putting off your audience. Content creation should be taken seriously and if not, you are better off without it. Never post just for the sake of posting something; make an effort and the leads will follow. Continue reading

7 Ways To Create Sustainable Social Engagement

Social media marketing imageEngagement is all part of being social. Whether it’s an online or offline situation, you expect to get some kind of reaction or acknowledgement from what you say, or what you do.

More and more conversations, both business and personal, take place online. Businesses that take advantage of building and maintaining online communities create a connection. A connection which is fed by customer service and the experience of that customer service. It is these connections which increase social engagement, customer loyalty and ultimately return on investment.

But just how do we go about increasing social engagement in the first place? Here are 7 top tips to get you started: Continue reading

6 tips for creating good social media posts

BlogsIt wasn’t so long ago that the majority of internet socialites were using MySpace and Bebo as a means of online networking. Now, there are the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, just to name a few.

More and more SME’s are getting involved and managing a social media strategy- 93% of marketers use social media for business. This means that more people are willing to invest in time and money to get their ROI, and more.

But who, or what, makes for good social media marketing?

Here are 6 tips for creating good, and engaging, social media posts.

Use good, relevant images. Have you heard of the saying: ‘An image is worth 1000 words?’ Well an image can certainly help clarify, and strengthen, a message, so long as the image is relevant to what you are trying to say. They can grab the reader’s attention, drawing them in to read the content. And of course, the images can be shared across the social networking sites which can increase the overall reach of your communication.
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