7 Ways To Master Email Marketing in 2018

Email Marketing

A new year gives the opportunity to tell your story in a different way and perfect your business strategy. Email marketing should be at the top of that list. Now is the time to reflect on the successes and failures of 2017. Take stock of your assets, what tools you have and what you still need in order to achieve success in 2018.

The rapid growth in the use of smartphones and tablets will see consumers continue to use email as one of the preferred ways to stay in touch with their favourite brands. This means Continue reading

5 Tips for email marketing success

Email marketing success at sign with envelopeEmail remains an important part of the marketing toolbox and should be a central part of any online marketing campaign. When used alongside social media it can provide a comprehensive approach to lead generation and also help build brand and customer loyalty.

However, as with any campaign, to achieve email marketing success you must spend time doing your research and planning your campaign. Continue reading