Talking Digital Marketing In The Start-Up Capital of The World, Estonia!

The Founder and CEO of WSI-eMarketing recently visited Estonia to give a talk about digital marketing and attend a book signing in Tallinn, whilst there Rob Thomas shared some insights with the gathered audience and sat for an interview. The interview was written up in Estonian, the original can be found here, this article will summarise that interview and the video of the talk at the book signing which will be posted within the coming weeks.

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Maintaining your Digital Presence in 2015

internet quoteThere are already tons of posts out there about forecasting trends and developments for 2015. In fact, we did one last month called 5 Digital Trends to Get Ahead in 2015 which concentrated on 5 key areas to help businesses stay ahead.

Everyone’s talking about things to consider; mobile, content, big data, agile marketing, wearable tech, augmented reality and so it goes on. But what does it all mean for you and your business? Do you really need to know all there is to know about everything digital if you are going to succeed in business?

There’s no doubt about it, today’s digital world is complex. It’s no longer just about having a website, it’s about your overall digital presence. But the digital world is always evolving and if you spend all your time learning about everything that’s changing, and trying to change your business strategies to match, you’d very soon go out of business. The key is in working out what is relevant to your business and using it to your advantage. Continue reading

5 Digital Trends to Get Ahead in 2015

Digital trends headerWe are approaching the end of 2014 and if you’re not doing it already, you need to start thinking about your marketing plan for 2015. A key factor in gaining the advantage over your competitors is to identify significant Digital Marketing trends. Then, use those trends to take steps to improve your buyer’s experience, and increase their engagement.

Here are 5 important digital trends to be ready for so you can get ahead in 2015.

1. Marketing Is Everyone’s Job
Marketing, Sales, Public Relations and Advertising will continue to come closer together as online customer behaviour evolves. It is more important than ever to use collaborative marketing methods to create engaging content and improve the online customer experience. Use the knowledge of your staff to identify or maybe even write on topics they know about. Sharing insights, ideas and problems will also improve their knowledge. There are various social relationship platforms out there that can help your staff work collaboratively. Continue reading