Increase Leads & Sales with Digital Advertising

Untitled designDigital advertising is the quickest way to get your business found online. Whether you have a physical shop or an online business, if you don’t appear in people’s search results, they won’t know where to find you. People may even be driving past you to get to a competitor that has shown up in their search results.

A properly managed digital advertising campaign can be a fast and efficient way to drive new leads and sales to your business, but which online advertising strategy should you use and when? The following tips will help you work it out.

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WSI’s Dan Monaghan on Harnessing Digital

Dan1-1Dan Monaghan, Co-founder of WSI, closed this year’s UK WSI Digital Summit at the Growth Hub in Gloucester.

Celebrating 20 years in business this year, WSI is the world’s largest digital agency network with over 1000 offices operating in 87 countries and has a host of prestigious corporate partners like Google, Bing, Hubspot, Hootsuite. Adobe, Microsoft and many others.

20 years has seen massive changes in the digital landscape. Having a website is still central to an online presence but it’s now surrounded by a multitude of other more complex marketing activities that bring customers to your door. WSI group these activities into four central pillars that cover all aspects of digital marketing: Continue reading