What’s An Online Review Worth?

Online Review Worth

1. Who wants to know how much an online review is worth?

The power of social sharing and online reviews has been highly disruptive to the practice of reputation management. Access to a huge amount of information, opinions and experiences is at the fingertips of anyone with an internet connection. Both solicited and unsolicited feedback now finds a huge audience. The changing nature of reviews as they’ve moved online has required us to step back and re-evaluate what we know about our customers.

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Facebook Professional Services: Yelp beater?

Facebook Professional Services

This article was originally published on MyCustomer by Rob Thomas (18/01/2016)

In the days leading up to last Christmas, Facebook quietly launched a new feature with no fanfare at all. This feature could have big consequences for Facebook users and business rivals alike. In the days following the discovery of Facebook Professional Services, the stock price of Yelp took a 9% dive.

What exactly is Facebook Professional Services?

Facebook has been keeping its cards close to their its with this release, and as such there has been speculation around certain aspects of the new feature. Here’s what we know so far. Continue reading

Top 10 Tips To Get More Online Reviews

Tips Online ReviewsAlmost 9 out of 10 consumers have read online reviews over the past twelve months and nearly half (47%) of all Britons have reviewed a product online. With 88% of consumers saying that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, it’s clear that these reviews can significantly affect your company’s reputation and ultimately your bottom line.

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5 Key Ways to Build Brand Authority

Brand_authoritySocial media platforms and networks continue to evolve and grow in popularity. In addition, the increasing use of third party review websites and better informed search results are making it easier than ever for people to do their due diligence on you and your company. To compete, you need to build your brand authority and credibility.

Third party reviews and recommendations are all good to have, but you also need to build your brand and credibility in your industry – show your expertise. Your potential clients will be researching you well before they speak to you.

Here are 5 digital strategies that will help build that brand authority

1. Content Marketing
To demonstrate your expertise you need a well thought out content marketing plan. You should publish regular, relevant content that will demonstrate your knowledge to your customers. This may be by way of blog posts, whitepapers or even case studies.

2. Social Media Marketing
Like it or not, a social media presence is needed on today’s world and your business credibility can be reliant upon it. Use your social media presences to maximise the impact of your content marketing. In addition, monitoring and engaging with customers through social media will allow you to make the most of positive comments and deal with any negative ones quickly.

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