Adding Live Chat To Your Website

live chat

Customer service forms the backbone of any business and plays a vital role in brand awareness as well as brand loyalty. A live chat feature on a website can help improve how customers experience a brand online. As it stands, customer experience can ultimately dictate the direction of brand image whether it’s positive or negative.

Today, live chat is one of the most important communication tools between brands and their customers. It offers real-time, prompt customer response while having the highest satisfaction level compared to email and phone. Let’s take a look at why it has become a necessity and how you can add it to your website.

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4 Top Tips For A Social Media Business

Image showing social media principlesSocial media can be an important feature which can help your business successfully reach its objectives.

Ultimately, social media is an engagement channel for brand awareness, promotions and customer loyalty.

Social extends well beyond the marketing mix and should be integrated into a number of key marketing activities in your marketing strategy.


Here are 4 top tips on how your business can be a social business.

1. Social Care
Social media channels have quickly become vital for responding to customer enquiries. The channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, are rapidly becoming THE preferred communication and feedback pathway- 62 per cent of adults aged 35- 55 in the UK use social networks to communicate online.  It’s a two-way street. But this could make or break your brand so ensure that members of staff are trained thoroughly so you not only provide customer care and service but also utilise the social media channels too.
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