Social Media Trends & News Q1 2016

Social Media trends 2016

The first quarter of 2016 has been an interesting time for Social Media. Facebook has introduced ‘Reactions,’ Twitter has seen it’s stock on a sharp decline and there are now more advertisers on Instagram than there are on Twitter. On top of all this Social Ad Spend is increasing it’s upward trajectory despite many marketers not being able to prove any quantitative impact.

Facebook Reactions

It’s no secret that for years people using Faceboook have been asking for a ‘dislike’ button. The Facebook team were reluctant to implement a straight ‘dislike’ button for a variety of reasons. Instead what has been introduced is a range of ‘Reactions’ that a user can use to express more than the old ‘Like.’ Though the option to simply ‘Like’ a piece of content remains. Continue reading

Should You Be Hiring a Copywriter?

Content Marketing Copywriter

Content Marketing is a big part of most Digital Marketing strategies in 2015. That can cause a problem for some people, if you’re trying to implement you’re own Digital Marketing then that means you’ve got to be creating some of your own content.

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Content marketing: how big is your audience?

the words content marketingYou’ve spent hours crafting your latest blog, Facebook post or Twitter campaign, but find yourself continually disappointed by the small number of people who seem to be reading and engaging with it. But how do you work out how many people are actually reading what you post? Are your content marketing efforts bringing returns?

The chances are, your audience is bigger than you think. A research project carried out by Facebook and Stanford University showed a large discrepancy between perceived audiences and actual audience size. It found that actual audience sizes tend to be four times greater per post than presumed. The reason for the discrepancy? Around 23% of people simply guess audience size, while 21% base their assumptions on the number of likes and comments they get for each post. Continue reading

5 Ways to Boost Your Business Blog in 2013

This video has tips on how to keep your business blog engaging.

Increasingly the most important currency on the web is great content coupled with a loyal community. Whether it’s to shop, stay up-dated or to be entertained; billions of people access the internet every day prepared to engage with their favourite brands.

To grow a community around your content, your marketing plan should encourage customer interaction via social media websites – and just as importantly, from your blog.

Here are five ways to achieve a more engaging blog for the coming year. Continue reading