6 Step Guide To Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

If you’re doing any form of Content Marketing then you need a Content Marketing Strategy. Even if you already have one there’s no reason it can’t improve. In 2015 just having content isn’t enough. In fact just spending time creating content with little clear aim or value can harm your business.

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Should You Be Hiring a Copywriter?

Content Marketing Copywriter

Content Marketing is a big part of most Digital Marketing strategies in 2015. That can cause a problem for some people, if you’re trying to implement you’re own Digital Marketing then that means you’ve got to be creating some of your own content.

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Hubspot’s Conor Douglas on Business Growth with Inbound

Conor DouglasConor Douglas, Hubspot’s International Channel Manger joined the WSI Digital Summit on 19th November to talk about Growing your business with inbound marketing. This post is based on his presentation.

So let’s start with what is inbound marketing? Conor explained.

Historically, marketers used to ‘shout’ about their products and services to get noticed, but the emergence of digital and social means that this has changed. The old marketing playbook is broken.


Consumers behaviour has changed and TV adverts, telephone calls and direct mail is increasingly being replaced with social media and content marketing.

inbound marketing stats

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3 Tips for Content Marketing for Business

content marketing wordsWhat exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing is a way of attracting and retaining customers by producing and sharing regular information that is useful to them. This can be by way of blog posts, whitepapers, video etc.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in publishing information that’s relevant, useful and easy to find for readers, can eventually bring in new business. However, there’s so much content out there, it’s not always easy to know what you should put out or how often.

With Google continually striving to ensure that search result content is relevant to the search term, it is important to make sure that your content is not only easy to find and share, but that it is quality content. Whether you’re producing blogs, whitepapers or producing videos, make sure that the content is relevant to your readers and that any links within that go to other posts are also relevant. Continue reading