5 Profit Pulling Analytics Reports to Regularly Review

analytics reports on pc screenWeb analytics tools collect and report data on how people interact and engage with your website. Understand these metrics will enable you to identify your most effective marketing channels and help you to gain a competitive advantage.

Reviewing the following 5 analytics reports will enable you to improve your overall customer experience, and increase sales.

1. Referring Sites Report
Knowing which websites and search engines refer traffic to you and what pages of your website they link to, will enable you to guide your content marketing strategy. It will also help you to allocate your ad budget effectively.

2. Content Engagement Report
Measuring visitor engagement is key to turning website visitors into leads. Knowing which topics and articles command the most attention and social shares, will give you direction for achieving your content creation objectives. Continue reading

SharpSpring Features, Marketing Automation for Small and Medium Businesses

Marketing Automation UK SharpSpring SME

Marketing Automation encompasses or affects almost all areas of Digital Marketing. With such a large task set and so much required of any platform trying to live up to the name it’s not surprising that Marketing Automation for small and medium businesses hasn’t been a realistic option until recently. SMEs are often forced to make do with pay-walled and watered down versions of popular Software As A Service (SAAS) offerings. Fortunately there are no pay walls blocking SharpSpring features or lengthy contracts hurting cash flow. SharpSpring has been designed and developed specifically for SMEs and Agencies, as such it provides maximum power for realistically affordable cost.  Continue reading

Adaptable Digital Marketing Wins New Business

Adaptable_digital_marketingThe world of digital marketing moves quickly and you need to move with it. That’s not to say you have to embrace and introduce every new thing that comes over the horizon, but you do need to be aware of what’s there and whether it could be of benefit. Your ability to adapt to new challenges, circumstances and technologies is key to increasing your customer base and improving brand loyalty.

Here are four essential steps to make sure your digital marketing strategy is ready to make the most of new and expanding online opportunities. Continue reading

5 Key Phrases And Definitions You Need To Know To Understand Analytics

 The key to a successful strategy is measuring and managing the results of your campaign.

Analytics are no longer just your website- it’s on your emails, on your display campaigns and on your social media accounts.

Big brands are hungry for data, in fact they are so data driven that some would even go as far as paying out $200m to buy a social media analysis company.

Not analysing your data is like not looking at your finances. It could be costing you money –  a lot of money!

With all the data floating about in cyber space, it can be tricky to make sense of it.
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6 reasons why you should be using Response Tap for sales tracking

Response TapWhen you hear the words ‘sales tracking’, it is often associated with large chunks of data which aren’t interrelated with other business platforms. Consequently, tracking often isn’t thought of as even an option for SME’s.

Experts expect online sales to rise by 12% in 2013, but there are still 22% of people that state they would never buy online, even if they research on the Internet. If you are offering a multi-channel sales platform, you need to take every sale into account when measuring the effectiveness of your marketing mix.

To cut to the chase, if you provide customers with the option of buying over the phone, without sales tracking, you will not see where these sales are originating from.

Bridging this gap between website page visits and telephone conversations is Response Tap, which is essentially a tracking service.
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4 reasons why businesses should take advantage of Facebook’s Page Insights

FCOMTrolleyThere are more than 835 million worldwide users of Facebook which brands have the chance to reach and engage with- if they know the right facts.

Back in October 2011, Facebook rolled out the Insight tool which provided measurements on your Facebook Page’s performance ability. This meant that businesses had the ability to find anonymized demographic data (age, gender, country, city and language) about their audience, and see how people are discovering and responding to their posts. Until now, this has remained unchanged.

By the end of the summer, all business page owners are expected to receive the new Facebook Page Insights.

These new updates will mean that you are able to unleash more content which is relevant to your target audiences. Knowing the percentage of your reach and who actually engaged with your content is really important data to look at. And so, armed with rich, accurate data, you will have the knowledge to drive your business forward.

Here are just 4 reasons why your business should take advantage of the Facebook Page Insights: Continue reading