SMS for Hotels : Integrate SMS into your Hotel’s Marketing Strategy

SMS is the ultimate way to reach customers easily and instantly. When was the last time you spent a day without having your phone with you? Can’t recall? I can’t. Our phones are part of our lives, at work, at home and on holiday. And this is a great opportunity for businesses: 97% of text messages are opened and read within 5 seconds after being received; with email it’s as little as 20%.


How to you take advantage of SMS when marketing your Hotel?

If there is one industry where customer satisfaction and quality of service are No1 priority, it is hospitality! When running a Hotel or a guest house, you work hard for your guests to feel special and to have a unique experience during their staying with you. Be in touch with them from the very first moment until the end of their stay with personalised messages. Send booking confirmations, reservation numbers and reminders to make their life easier. Welcome every guest with a warm and friendly text message, and tell them how glad you have been to host them, wishing them a good journey back home when they leave.

Maybe your hotel has a restaurant, a spa or a golf you’d like your guest to enjoy. Customers are always happy to get a good deal! Let them opt-in and send mobile vouchers for the services on which you want to offer discounts, or attach a price list or menu to a text message through a short link to make sure your guests are aware of all your services. Perhaps you’d like to share great activities or events of interest in your hotel’s location: attach any leisure information in a text and promote a list of your recommendations about shopping, museums, excursions…

Returning customers are what any hotel wishes for. Keep in touch with your guests in the long-run so they come back. SMS is also a simple and efficient way to reward your loyal customers, and to increase customer loyalty by sending loyalty packages. Or why not send last minute offers in low activity periods

I’ve given many options but even so, there will still be some that I’ve forgotten. The possibilities to adapt your strategy seem endless according to seasons, booking rates, leisure or business targets.

How to get your guests to opt-in ?

The strength of SMS marketing is to deliver instantly your message to a customer who is happy to receive it and interact with your brand. Therefore the first step is to build your mobile opt-in list. There are many simple ways to do so:

  • You  can add an SMS subscribe form on your website, or publish it through social media
  • Email your existing customers and ask them to opt-in to SMS communications
  • Use a keyword and a short code and advertise it anywhere your customers might see it: hotel rooms, check-in counters, flyers, business cards, any print, radio or TV commercial

If you want more tips to grow your business with SMS, we’ve gathered 10 smart Mobile Messaging ideas that will help you acquire and retain more customers than ever.


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