Should You Be Hiring a Copywriter?

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Content Marketing is a big part of most Digital Marketing strategies in 2015. That can cause a problem for some people, if you’re trying to implement you’re own Digital Marketing then that means you’ve got to be creating some of your own content.

While for some that comes easily, for others the idea of writing thousands of words a week for their consumers will have them in a cold sweat. Some people enjoy writing, but to some it certainly doesn’t come naturally. Maybe you’re a CEO or MD who is too busy. I know when I first started writing content a blog article might take me a few hours before I was happy to publish it. 3 Blog posts a week and suddenly you’re sinking the best part of a day into writing copy. Depending on what your time is worth that could well work out to be far more than it costs to hire a copywriter.

Giving someone the responsibility in house can work, but if it wasn’t a skill they put on their CV then they might have all the same problems as you. It’s not life or death, but the stakes are still high when it comes to your content. You need to be seen as a turstworthy, knowledgeable source. It’s a difficult aim to achieve if your content is riddled with spelling errors and unsourced claims.

You’ll also find that having an outside source contribute to your content can help keep it more accessible to your prospective customers. If you’ve been in engineering for 20 years then things that seem obvious to you wont necessarily be as obvious to your customers. It’s very easy to slip up when you’re writing. If your content isn’t written for your customers then it’s not going to be doing it’s job.

There’s a good chance that if your content is taking too long to produce in house then you’ll be more productive and profitable if you outsource it. Do more of what you’re good at and let a professional write your copy for you. For many small and medium business owners giving someone else control over their content and message can be difficult to start with. We’ve put together some tips to help you find a good Copywriter that you can trust with your brand.

Finding The Right Copywriter

  • It seems obvious, but make sure you ask for examples of the Copywriter’s work. A CV can only tell you so much.
  • Trust is key, you have to know your copywriter will hit deadlines
  • Communication and rapport are also key. If you don’t get on with your copywriter then life is going to be difficult. If there are problems or changes you need to be able to have them addressed quickly and with the minimum fuss.
  • Your copywriter needs to be able to write the way you want to them. This means the correct tone and level of knowledge. If they can’t adapt content and reproduce it in a variety of styles then you’ll need to consider having more than one on call. You won’t be considered an industry leader if acronyms and jargon are used improperly.

If you decide to hire a copywriter you should show them your existing content so they can familiarise themselves with it and your message. It is then important to give them adequate source material and a proper content plan. Remember that it’s only the copy that is their responsibility, you have to give them something to work with. A quality brief will produce a quality result, if you have a quality copywriter!

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