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mobile ticket entertainment marketingThere’s really nothing worse than turning up to an event and realising that you’ve left the ticket at home! By leveraging a comprehensive text and SMS messaging service, it’s not only that much easier to strengthen ticket sales, but also much easier for customers to gain entry. After all, you’re far less likely to lose your phone than a small stub of paper; SMS delivered tickets are more reliable and easier to use than the traditional alternative. Delivery via text also does away with the worries of trying to find Wifi or 4G to download an e-ticket, once the text is delivered the ticket is there, safe and sound.

Unfortunately it happens so easily: a theatre ticket left home when leaving in a hurry, a pass for a nightclub lost earlier in the evening. It’s happened to all of us, even the most organised. Sometimes the situation can be salvaged, a few frantic calls or some pleading with the doorman. In the best case scenario you can track a customers order or reservation and you just lose a little time and a few minutes of your life to stress. In the worst case scenario there simply is no way to prove that you do have the ticket somewhere. Then a missing ticket just made someone very unhappy. If you don’t want that to happen, make sure your customer shows up with their tickets right in their pocket, text it.

Secure, trackable and highly customisable mobile tickets

Mobile tickets not only help the environment, but save you time and money, and give you the assurance that customers have received their ticket through delivery reports. Your customers will save their tickets on their phones or Passbook apps. For more engagement you can also customise your text messages and insert names, event times or other details, specific to each customer.

Entertainement Marketing SMS Text Messaging

A gateway to integrate SMS into your overall marketing

Beyond the fact that sending mobile tickets really makes life easier for your customers, text messaging offers you many other features very helpful in marketing for your theatre or venue. As you send mobile tickets, you create a database with your customers phone numbers that you can use for marketing purposes. 45% of UK consumers are willing to receive branded communication via mobile, so this is your chance. The major application for theatres or event venues is to promote last minute ticket availability. Unsold tickets are difficult to sell in the last minute prior to show dates, especially with limited time to promote such event. By sending a text to your list, you ensure 97% of your messages will be read within 5 seconds of being received! Text marketing is a powerful tool in the entertainment marketing

A great example is an SMS campaign run by the English National Opera (ENO) with our partner Textlocal. It’s objective was to mitigate any short-term ticket sales downturn by offering potential customers last-minute deals through SMS. ENO saw an incredible response rate – the company bought £500 worth of messaging credits, which generated £8,000 gross profit through additional ticket sales – a ROI of 16:1.

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