‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ marketing- 5 tips on how to make them work together

5 StepsThere are two types of marketing- push and pull- and depending on what business you are in, the type of marketing collateral may differ, but the objective is very much the same.

If you are sending out brochures, direct mail or email, then you are promoting to sell products/ services to retailers, wholesalers and, indeed, prospects. This is ‘push’ marketing.

Designed specifically to build demand and generate business for your products and services, ‘pull’ marketing targets prospects. With any luck, those prospects will come full circle and become a paying customer.

But when push comes to pull, how can we make them work together?
1. Make sure you have a landing page. Visitors to a website are often in search of information, to get answers to questions. Think about the profiles of your target audience and meet what their needs are of a product or service and address this in your website.
2. Write it right. Keep the copy conversational and answer those questions readers want answering. This goes across the board of printed and digital material- your reach is maximised so keep the language used consistent, informative yet easy to understand. Check out this article for help on writing online content.
3. Get social. Include social share bars and forward to a friend options selected when sending out emails to your audience. This means that you are increasing your reach far beyond your audience because they are sharing your content among those with similar interests. The likelihood is that your content will be of interest to them too so will engage via social media, visit the landing page or get in touch directly with you. A great example of an email marketing software which does just this is Constant Contact. 
4. Network offline. Networking events are a great opportunity to meet with existing and prospect clients. Those business cards which are handed out are effectively you pushing out your details to get contacted. There is a pull aspect here to. That business card is the ticket for visitors to your website so be ready to pull them in. For those readers in the Southwest of England and Wales, Mix Marketing Conferences is the perfect opportunity to practice your push marketing skills.
5. Word of mouth. Basically, what we see or hear is enough to attract or deter a customer. By reaching out to prospect and existing customers, an element of referral marketing occurs. This means that your marketing is reaching out to the right audience which is shared among their social and professional circles. Such a marketing technique can be deployed digitally and in a more traditional manner i.e. newspaper, magazine. Indeed this could also build up source credibility too, which can make you the first point of call for future information.

It is safe to say that all SME’s have some sort of push and pull marketing strategy because to make business we need to get business. By providing information and using the marketing platforms available, this makes it possible.

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