Paid Search Advertising – A Winning Formula

paid search advertising

With so many digital marketing options, what is the secret to reaching online success? How do you effectively increase leads and sales?

Paid search advertising offers many benefits and gives your business the chance to remain top-of-mind with potential customers. This includes new visitors interested in your business or those who have already visited but not yet made a purchase. Don’t assume that customers who never converted on your site are lost opportunities; perhaps they just weren’t ready to engage. But if you don’t do anything to get them back, they may never return.

This is a where remarketing comes in. It uses online display advertising to retarget people who have left your site without converting. Relevant ads get served to your audience that reinforces your message, aiming for return visits and further engagement.

Done right, paid search advertising campaigns provide an instant source of targeted traffic. It can significantly boost sales in a cost-effective way and help you improve your digital return on investment (ROI).

The Importance of Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

PPC advertising can be very profitable when used effectively but many businesses are put off by its complex nature. It involves bidding on keywords or keyword phrases, running campaigns, collecting and analysing vast amounts of data, setting and sticking to a budget and closely monitoring results.

Every business has its own unique voice and a connection with its customers. As important as SEO is, paid search advertising generates vast opportunities which is why it has become an integral part of marketing campaigns. It has an uncapped potential that can yield significant returns when done correctly.

Implementing a smart paid search campaign makes all the difference. What you learn here can also be translated into your SEO and Social Media campaigns. The message is clear though – if you don’t use PPC to connect with your audience, someone else will. You might as well give your competitors the client list.

paid search advertising

Benefits of Paid Search Campaigns

Paid Advertising provides you with more control over the ad copy. This means you create the title, meta description and content so you know exactly where you are directing visitors who click on the ad. Take a look below at a few more standout features of Paid Search Advertising.

  • See relevant, instant traffic – it’s there when they are searching
  • It’s incredibly efficient at targeting a specific audience
  • It compliments your SEO efforts
  • Only pay for performance – If they don’t click, you don’t pay
  • You can test campaigns before a major launch to determine the best key phrases for conversion and ROI
  • Vast amount of tracked data means measuring campaign results are much simpler and more accurate

Paid search advertising has many advantages as mentioned above but let’s not forget the importance of branding. It’s one of the best uses of paid search from a marketing perspective. All the benefits contribute to very cost effective branding of your business, product, service and company name. Your brand should be memorable as people remember brands, not companies.

Don’t Set and Forget Your Paid Search Campaign

Achieve best results by actively managing your paid search campaigns. You can’t simply set it up and walk away. The process is not autonomous, at least not yet. It still requires careful planning and works best in conjunction with an integrated Marketing Strategy. So be smart and don’t just spend loads of money on ads that may attract visitors to a website with poor conversion rates. Good web design and content still play a vital role in achieving business success.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you don’t quite understand how paid search advertising works. PPC experts can help reduce ad expenditure while improving your conversion rates. It will give you such peace of mind that you can focus on what’s important – running your business.

If you need help setting up or getting more from your advertising campaigns, get in touch with us today.