Online Marketing Trends for 2011

As consumers continue to turn to email, the mobile web, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter more than ever before, it’s imperative that marketers are prepared to adapt their approach in order to successfully engage with customers and get their message across. With the steady growth of web enabled mobile devices and consumers’ increasing appetite for content the opportunities – and with it the competition – have never been greater.

So what should marketers be focussing on for 2011? Will it be the ‘year of mobile’? What will give you the edge and make you stand out in 2011? What follows are some trends and techniques that might help you direct next year’s online marketing budget.

5 Online Marketing Trends To Respond To

If you are planning your online marketing goals for 2011 – and if not, perhaps you should be – consider the following marketing activities and initiatives that can help you get a head start in the new year.

1. Collect Data Then Use It Well
Are you collecting and organising customer data? As the web becomes more personal, it will become increasingly important to put data to good use by refining your customer correspondence. Paying attention to purchase history and buying patterns for example, enabling you to successfully address your customers’ needs and appeal to their interests.

2. Engage Customers Across Social Networks
With 600 Tweets and 700 Facebook posts every second, consumers’ appetite for socialising online is stronger than ever – and will continue to grow. Like it or not, it’s time you joined the conversation. If you haven’t already, sign up with social networks to broaden your online reach and enable you to engage with customers on a new, more personable level. You can find out more on on of our Social Media Strategy Workshops or take a look at our Social Media Kick Start Plan.

3. Regularly Publish Fresh Content
Be creative, interesting, funny (if appropriate), controversial even – but have something to say. Search marketing opportunities abound for those who can produce a steady stream of fresh content to fulfil consumers’ hunger for information, reviews, video content, reports and more.

4. Embrace The Mobile Web
As consumers begin to move from “regular” phones to smartphones, their expectation increases that everything (especially information) should be portable. Is your content easily accessed and readable from web enabled mobile devices? A well executed mobile marketing strategy can be an extremely effective tool – especially for localised businesses.

5. Go The Extra Electronic Mile
Okay, so it’s not specifically an online trend – but the message is key; offer an online service that will make you stand out from the ever increasing internet crowd. Use automated messages, for example, to keep shoppers in the loop regarding order fulfilment. By going out of your way to provide an outstanding online buying experience you will be able to turn new shoppers into loyal repeat customers.

As the marketplace becomes more saturated and the web gets ever more populated, it’s critical to stay ahead of the competition. If you need any help in implementing any of the above ideas for 2011, call 01454 261111 and that includes us working with you to establish an effective Marketing & Communication Plan for 2011.

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