Location-aware mobile technology is transforming social marketing

Knowing a consumer’s location, as well as the time they’re at a specific location, can be a useful “predictor” of their intent to buy. With this in mind you can use location-based marketing to:

  • Display localised ads to a person visiting a website from a specific location
  • Deliver an offer, coupon or ‘special’ (Foursquare’s terminology) to a users mobile phone
  • Deliver detailed product information when someone is standing in front of the product
  • Offer incentives for location-based activities such as visiting a store multiple times
  • Make it easy to find nearby things such as stores, cash-points or even vending machines
  • Provide events and social opportunities based on a physical location
  • Share location-based information with others in a social network such as Facebook or Twitter

Leverage the next trend in Mobile Marketing

Time and localise your mobile marketing effectively to reach people who are actively sharing their location. Here are some tips for getting you started:

  • Specify which areas you cover. If you’re a service business that travels e.g. a plumber, you can specify on Foursquare, Facebook Places, Yelp or Google Places which areas you cover. This is also helpful for pizza/food delivery businesses.
  • Optimize your main site for mobile viewing. An easy-to–navigate mobile friendly site is a necessity, not just an option anymore. Take a look at our Mobile Solution Case Studies here.
  • Ensure your own location(s) are “check-in” worthy. Would you check-in to your own location multiple times?
  • Allow customers to opt in or out. Not everyone is going to want to disclose personal information such as their interests and their location, so give them the option.
  • Be 100% transparent. Once a customer has opted in, make sure to explain exactly how you plan to use the personal information you collect from them, easing any concerns over privacy.
  • Create Attractive deals. Reach out to the deal services such as Groupon and Living Social and ask specifically for ways to participate in their instant deals. Explore Foursquare’s ‘Specials’, they have numerous innovative options:
  • Finally, make it easy to opt out. Don’t “lock” customers into a program they decide they don’t want to be in. Just like any level of customer service, it’s all about keeping customers happy, loyal and eager to make purchases.

Smartphone owners want quick access to location-relevant information on-the-go. So-Lo-Mo (Social Location Mobile) offers powerful and innovative new ways to promote practically any product, service, or venue. Whatever your goal, role, or industry, contact a WSI eMarketing consultant to help you find new customers, strengthen brand loyalty, and increase profits.

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