Increase Leads & Sales with Digital Advertising

Untitled designDigital advertising is the quickest way to get your business found online. Whether you have a physical shop or an online business, if you don’t appear in people’s search results, they won’t know where to find you. People may even be driving past you to get to a competitor that has shown up in their search results.

A properly managed digital advertising campaign can be a fast and efficient way to drive new leads and sales to your business, but which online advertising strategy should you use and when? The following tips will help you work it out.

1. Identify the Right Search Criteria
Selecting the right keyword search terms is vital for a successful ad campaign. Consider both short and longer terms and remember, the search terms your customers are using may not be the ones you think they are. In addition to keyword selection, increasingly sophisticated advertising networks also make it possible to target by location, interests, income, age and more.

2. Advertise On the Appropriate Ad Networks
Knowing where your customers are online will help you decide where to advertise. You can maximize your advertising budget by selecting to display your ads on the most responsive advertising platforms.



3. Put Campaign Tracking in Place
You can now optimize your campaigns by tracking which keywords and networks are converting the best. Connecting your ads to your marketing automation process will allow you to track and nurture leads over time.

4. Carry Out Split Tests
Compare and improve your online ads by A/B testing your offers, landing pages and Calls to Action. Small changes can improve returns and measuring the impact split test changes have on your campaign results will take the guesswork out of improving your campaign conversion rate.

5. Measure, Improve, Repeat
You can’t fix what you don’t measure. Regular analysis of your campaign metrics will allow you to see clearly what strategies are driving conversions. Once you know this, you can align your ad spend to achieve a greater return on investment. Always look to see if an improvement can be made following measurement and repeat the exercise.

Increasingly people are searching for their solutions on the go, which means that mobile search results are more important than ever. Last year Google changed their algorithms to allow users to see when sites are mobile friendly so your site, ads and landing pages all have to be mobile responsive if they are to appear. Where your potential customer lands is critical to the success of any digital advertising campaign. There’s an easy to use Google tool here to test if your pages are mobile friendly. If not, you have some work to do before embarking on all out digital advertising campaign. Don’t throw money away by sending people to pages that are not user friendly.

An efficiently managed digital advertising campaign has been proven to increase leads and drive sales. If you would like help setting up and managing an effective digital advertising strategy for your business, get in touch.