Improving Your Online Sales with Display Advertising

The most effective online marketing strategies combine different tactics that work to complement each other. One of these strategies is online display advertising, which is the digital equivalent of traditional  billboards – only much more effective.

Five ways you can improve your display advertising in order to increase your sales and grow your brand online:

1. Begin with Targeting

The degree to which you can target prospects online is hard to match with most traditional forms of advertising. With regards to display advertising, you can find your target market by:

  • Demographic targeting
  • Geographic targeting
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Site specific targeting

By ensuring you only bring highly targeted traffic to your website and/or landing pages you will increase the chance of converting visitors.

2. Design of Ads

Be creative and bold with the design of your display advertising. Remember, the aim is to be noticed but at the same time keep your message clear. Your ads should include your offer, your branding and an obvious call to action.

3. Use Remarketing

Remarketing is the process of targeting your display advertising at users who have already visited your main website. This is a great method of building up brand awareness and keeping your business in the forefront of prospects minds.

4. Be Clear on your Landing Page

The focus of the landing page should be conversion. Ensure the path to conversion is clear for the visitor by removing any distractions. Structure your content in such a way that visitors know how they are intended to progress.

5. Calculate Your Cost per Acquisition

The key performance indicator for any online advertising campaign should be return on investment. Monitoring and measuring your ad campaign against benchmarks will allow you to continually improve its performance.

Online marketing tactics such as display advertising and remarketing are effective solutions for businesses that wish to remain in front of their target audience. If you would like help, or to talk about your requirements contact us.


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