What’s An Online Review Worth?

Online Review Worth

1. Who wants to know how much an online review is worth?

The power of social sharing and online reviews has been highly disruptive to the practice of reputation management. Access to a huge amount of information, opinions and experiences is at the fingertips of anyone with an internet connection. Both solicited and unsolicited feedback now finds a huge audience. The changing nature of reviews as they’ve moved online has required us to step back and re-evaluate what we know about our customers.

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Social Proof – Do You Really Understand The Concepts?

Social Proof Understand Applications

Social Proof is an incredibly powerful force that influences everyone, regardless of whether they think it does or not. At the heart of the idea of Social Proof is that despite what we think about our own individuality we all have an inherent desire to conform. We have the innate assumption hardwired that the behaviour of those around us is correct. Obviously this can be overcome by conscious thought but in the day to day life of the average person this is a very strong force.

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Social Selling – Convince Your Sales Team

Social Selling Sales Team Motivation

We’ve written a lot on Social Selling, at this point most business owners and Sales Managers recognise it’s value. Despite being recognised as a valuable technique by most B2B sales professionals Social Selling is still only practiced by around 25% of them. The reasons for this vary. For many Sales Professionals devoting time to something like a Twitter or Facebook profile rather than cracking on with calls and traditional prospecting feels like a waste of time. For people highly focused on targets changing their tried and tested methods is seen as an unnecessary risk to their commission.

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Using Curated Content Properly

curated_content1If you want to know about content marketing there are hundreds of posts out there that can help you. They’ll tell you how to create headlines, how often to post, what to post and how to target your content to your personas.

Many of them will mention curating content, but often as a short statement when reminding you that you don’t have to create everything yourself. However, I’ve not come across many that tell you exactly what curated content is and how to use it.

What is Curated Content?

There are many ways of defining content curation, as shown in this article by Heidi Cohen. But what it boils down to, in the most simple term is content that has been written and published by other people that you have collected, categorised and want to share with your own fans, followers and groups because it adds value.

There are some important things to remember when using other people’s content as part of your own content marketing efforts if you want avoid being taken to task for plagiarism or stealing content.

Curating content does not mean taking other people’s content as written and posting it as your own.

When to use Curated Content

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