Geotargeting and Responsive Web Design | Increase Footfall and Conversions

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Almost no-one in the UK is without a Smartphone by their side for most of the day. Taking advantage of this fact is becoming easier every day. The impact of not catering to the Mobile browser is equally becoming more damaging every day. By getting ahead of the curve and actively seeking to take advantage of all the new avenues for Marketing that Mobile offers you can beat out the competition.

Over 50% of time viewing the internet is now spent on Mobile devices and that figure is only set to rise. Well over half of emails are now first opened on a Mobile device and people are gradually becoming more and more likely to purchase products on a Mobile device.

Stats from 2014 showed that geotargeted ads managed to routinely achieve twice the click-rate of standard ads. What are geotargeted ads? They are ads that show to people only when they are in a specific geographical area. When combined with other targeting criteria such as search history you can create highly personalised and relevant ads. For instance if you owned a shoe shop and someone came within your geotargeted area and had also recently searched for ‘Mens Black Brogues’ your ads would show to him. However if he had no search history to do with footwear and had never visited your website then your ads would not appear.

Walking the line between personalised and intrusive can be difficult. Whilst some people will like seeing ads appear to them based on where they’re searching from many also find the idea a little unsettling and a surprising portion don’t even realise using the internet on their phone can show their location without turning the GPS on. It’s important to ensure your geotargeted ads that are designed for Mobile are always relevant to the potential customer, the more value they can offer the better!

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Part of keeping a customer’s interest is ensuring your ads and website are optimised for and responsive to a Mobile device. Responsive Web Design means building your website so it will conform to the dimensions of the device it’s being viewed on in a visually appealing way whilst keeping the site easily navigable. There’s no point having perfect geotargeted ads if the page your ad takes the customer to is not designed for a mobile device.

Where many people go wrong is to consider Mobile as an add-on to their general Digital Marketing strategy. In reality it should be a core piece of your strategy and have resources dedicated to it accordingly. When designing a strategy for Mobile there are lots of unique factors to consider. For instance, bearing in mind people will be accessing your ad and website via a telephone you might want to make your phone number clickable. This lowers the barrier to the customer making a call, in tandem with a time limited offer these kind of ads have achieved impressive results. You can also consider call-only options.

Beyond ads and Responsive Web Design there are many other aspects of Mobile Marketing that aren’t being fully exploited even as we move into 2016.Text Marketing is an incredibly powerful tool in a world where people are becoming more and more desensitised to advertising and Marketing messages. We have a whole set of articles dedicated to talking about Text Marketing you can find here. You can ustilise text marketing for retail, for conferences, for lowering the amount of appointments missed in your business. SMS Marketing has a huge amount of possible applications and is fast becoming one of the cheapest and most effective ways to ensure a message is received and read in seconds.