The Dos and Don’ts of SMS Marketing

Dos & Don'ts of SMS MarketingMobile marketing is transforming the way businesses communicate. We know that mobile messaging is the best tool to use to reach the masses with offers, alerts and promotions within seconds and a great way to engage with customers. But it’s important to understand how messaging continues to out-perform other channels, yet can also be used to complement and support the overall marketing strategy of any business.

  • Only 20% of marketing emails are opened and read
  • 32% of consumers respond positively to SMS promotions
  • In the UK and France, opt-in SMS gets the best results
We’ve compiled dos and don’ts to help you make the most of SMS marketing for your business.



Offer an opt-out path on all messages. This enables you to stay within the regulatory guidelines while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Cleanse your database. Regularly remove the invalid mobile phone numbers. These are mobile phone numbers which are no longer in use or entered incorrectly. By removing these numbers from your contact list you can ensure you do not use up any further credits to these invalid numbers.

Keep your messages within 160 characters. Not only will this save credits, it keeps it simple for the recipient which is what text messages are all about.

Collect data  at every opportunity.  The success of your campaigns relies heavily on the quality of your collection of mobile phone numbers, so ask customers, members and clients to opt-in to your SMS communications at every possible chance.


SMS_marketing2Text too often. As with any form of marketing and communications, you have to be wary of what may become too much for the receiver. You know your customers best, so make sure you contact them not only with relevant, interesting information, but also at the most appropriate time. Failing to do this may end up with unnecessary opt-outs.

Purchase Data. While data suppliers are available, we recommend that you build your own list of opt-in numbers. Your messages are sent to people who expect to receive them, giving you a far higher chance of seeing results. ‘Home-grown’ lists perform better than purchased lists.

Don’t forget to proof read your outgoing messages.  Once they are sent there is no way to recall them so it’s vital to get it right first time.

Wait for your customers to come to you.  If you have their number you have their business.


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