Dos and Don’ts for Successful Business Blogging

Business blogging today is much more than a place for companies to share their news and an effective business blog can change the way people perceive your business. Blogs are popular with online audiences because they can offer fresh voices and opinions and can show the ‘human’ side to your business, giving readers a chance to engage with you. A blog can also increase SEO rankings and increase traffic to your website.

However, for a blog to be successful its content must be clear and relevant to its readers. Here are a few dos and don’ts for effective business blogging.


  • Make sure your content is clear, relevant to you audience and updated regularly to give your readers a reason to return
  • Engage with your readers. Use a good spam filter and moderate if necessary but encourage comments, views and opinions on your posts.
  • Include links in your posts that point back to other important pages on your site that will help your search rankings.
  • Optimise your articles. You can’t optimise for every long tail search term, but you can target niche keywords or phrases, and each one should feature early in your blog post.
  • Use your blog to complement your other social media. If you are running competitions or offers use your blog to highlight them.


  • Use acronyms and jargon that people won’t understand. Use terms that people will be familiar with and keep sentences short, grammatically simple and easy to read.
  • Just focus on your products or services. Give people useful information that they can use, for example, news about what’s on the horizon in your industry? Blog articles should be interesting, informative and not overly sales focused.
  • Put off posts and updates. It’s not just your readers that want new content. Search engines crawl sites looking for new and updated content, so blogging regularly will ensure fresh content on your site.
  • Use other people’s content without crediting them. Most people will be pleased if you are referring to or re-posting some of their content, but always credit the writer and if possible create a link to the original article – you may even find that they will start to refer to your posts and articles. Duplicating someone else’s content and passing it off as your own can result in disaster.

Offline and online businesses can use blogging to reach a wider audience, whether it’s to offer
products and services or provide industry information. If you want help to get your business blog
started contact us on 01454 261111.

If you’ve been using blogging for business, share your ideas with our readers in the comments area.
How do you use your blog?


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