Demystifying The World of Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine MarketingSearch Engine Optimisation may have been taking a back seat recently due to the increase in use of Social technologies; but a good Search Engine Marketing campaign will still drive quality traffic to your website!

In this video we share our Search Engine Marketing best practices that help to avoid being penalised by search engine algorithm updates:

1. There Are No Search Engine Marketing Short Cuts

There are no magic formulas or ‘SEO systems’ that guarantee to achieve sustainable top search rankings.

The old methods of artificially boosting rankings are regularly combated by search engines to ensure search results are relevant. You will all be aware of the well publicised Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates and how Google plan to take action against companies who break their rules.

2. Create Content For The User, Not Search Engines

The best way to get ranked is to be seen as a valuable and relevant source of information. Creating engaging content that your audience genuinely wants to read and share is still the most effective way to be recognised by search engines.

3. Go Back To The Basics

The best starting point for your SEO campaign is to evaluate your website as is stands. You should look at:

  • Quality of your content
  • On page SEO factors
  • Your website structure
  • The quality of your inbound links

An SEO audit will help ensure you have the basics in place and identify if any of the pieces of a good Search Marketing Campaign missing.

4. The Future Is Mobile

Publishing content that is easily accessible on multiple devices demonstrates to search engines that you are ready to receive all traffic.

In conclusion, the online experience for users will be ever changing; so to stay at the forefront you must evolve with it. A Search Engine Marketing campaign based on best practices and valuable relevant content will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

If you would like help improving your Search Engine Marketing, get in touch.


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