Could Call Tracking Help You Prove Your Value?

Call Tracking Marketing Automation

Cold Calling has fallen out of fashion with the rise of Inbound Marketing. I doubt anyone is sad about receiving less cold calls and everyone seems to be pleased to be having to make less of them. The telephone remains an important channel of communication for a modern business albeit with the focus changed from outbound calling to inbound listening. This presents new challenges, the biggest challenge with inbound calls is tracking and attributing them.

The issue of tracking and proving value is common across the board with Inbound Marketing. If you’re doing outbound cold calling you can easily note down who the lead is, where they came from, what you pitched and so on. With Inbound it can be difficult to directly attribute the lead to any single campaign or offer. Many businesses have ways of tracking where their customers come from, whether that’s as basic as noting them down on pen and paper or using a Marketing Automation system. If you’re not using Call Tracking then often when the customer picks up the phone you can lose your attribution trail.

A customer calling you is normally a good thing, taking that step to actually carry out a positive action means the customer is investing in your business and moving through the buyers journey. Luckily there is a relatively simple way to turn phone-calls into an easily tracked method of communication. By integrating Call Tracking with your Marketing Automation you can be sure of which campaigns and offers prompted the customer to make the call.

Why is it so important to know where each call comes from?

When it comes to keeping your clients or superiors happy there is nothing more important than being able to accurately track and prove your Return On Investment. With Call Tracking you can put a different number on each offer you have, all the calls will still come to the same place but you will be able to see which piece of content prompted the customer to call. Over time you will be able to see which pieces of content are working and which need improvement. The call tracking will also allow you to segment your callers, knowing what prompted them to call could very well be key in closing a deal.

When properly integrated with a Marketing Automation platform Call Tracking not only removes the initial problem of losing the lead’s trail but allows you to segment the customer, add important Lead Score data and confidently defend your spend on your Inbound campaigns.

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