Content Sharing Via Social Media

Target marketing to meet your business goals

Is your business using social media channels like YouTube and SlideShare? Video is great for  demonstrations and presentations to your target audience. Screen-casts with voiceovers work  particularly well, especially for technical topics or marketing videos. Audio podcasts are ideal  for interviewing industry experts or to record interesting discussions that occur as part of  conference panels.

Unlock the potential of these powerful tools to build your online presence, and maximise the  returns from these social media platforms.

  • Content is the heart of an effective web presence. If your content isn’t right, your prospects simply won’t engage with it in the way you hope. When people link to you, they’re linking to your content. When they share via social networks, they’re sharing your content.
  • Don’t start with a social media campaign. Start with identifying what content will be interesting to your audience. Then consider which platforms and tools are going to give your videos or presentations the best chance to be seen and shared.
  • A smart response strategy with a commitment to engaging viewers and commentators will strengthen those relationships on YouTube. Take the relationship building potential of the social media community to a new level by creating individual video responses to viewers who commented on the originals.
  • Pull lessons from platform-specific data points, such as what people “like” and “dislike”. Initiate discussions about what’s popular and what’s not. Your viewers are voting with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down — try to initiate a dialog about why they vote as they do.
  • Search for people and company profiles in your field and start “following” them. Review their content and provide them with feedback, favourite presentations or videos that you really liked. Comment on them, provide them with a link to your own presentations or videos on the same topic and ask for feedback.


Best Practices for Sharing Media Online

  • Quality over Quantity

Most companies get into the ‘quantity versus quality’ count of followers or fans. Quality followers will engage with you, give you honest feedback and could even become your brand evangelists.

  • Engage with Customers

Customer service and engagement overall is a new and genuine form of un-marketing. Customers, prospects, and influencers are already engaging with others to contribute, learn, and discover. Try using engagement as a fast, free, and powerful way to reach and serve customers.

  • Give to get

Successful social media marketing programs involve listening and participation. That participation centers around giving value before expecting anything in return.

  • Make it Portable, Searchable & Shareable

Avoid the mindset that your content must be published only on your site and completely controlled by you. Good content should be built to travel, so users should be able to download, embed or share it as they like.

Globally, companies have recognized Social Media Marketing as an exploding marketing platform and are utilizing it to creatively power their marketing and branding. Contact us to manage your social media marketing – generate leads, drive results, gain ROI.

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