Twitter – Why your business should be using it

Twitter logoTwitter can be a really valuable tool for your business, helping to promote the profile of your brand, attracting new customers, interacting with existing customers, introducing special offers and keeping an eye on the competition. With 140 million people using the networking site around the globe, getting to grips with Twitter is a must.

Here are a few tips to help you get started or to improve your existing Twitter strategy:

1. Take your time

Before firing off a range of tweets, get to know the site. Follow businesses that are similar to yours and explore how they are using Twitter. Work out who your target customers are likely to be and make sure that your @username and 160-character company bio is attractive to this type of follower. Make sure you include a link to your website.

2. Make sure your tweets are engaging
Avoid giving your followers a constant hard sell. While Twitter can help to improve sales figures or website traffic, your aim should be to engage your audience through shared interests.

3. Interact carefully
Acknowledge followers who retweet or who address tweets to you. These present excellent PR opportunities, even if the tweet is critical in some way. Twitter is a public forum, so make sure that you respond graciously and proactively at all times.

4. Get the lowdown
You can find out what fellow Twitter users are saying about your business or product using Twitter’s search facility. Use hashtags and keywords that are relevant to your business to discover insights about your customers and competitors.

5. Recognise your customers’ needs
According to research, the top reasons people follow brands are as follows: discounts and promotions (94%), freebies (88%), fun and entertainment (87%), upcoming sales news (79%) and access to exclusive content (79%).

6. Go mobile
Approximately 50% of Twitter users access the site from a mobile device, so take advantage of the immediacy and vast reach this offers. For example, if a user complains about a service while they are on the go, respond offering a more affordable or comprehensive service.

7. Monitor your interactions
Find out who has just started following you or has used your @username via the Connect tab and follow back/respond where appropriate. The Who to Follow tool will provide other useful suggestions of people or companies to follow.

8. Keep up to date
Find out which topics are trending using the Discover tab and tailor your tweets so that they are relevant, engaging and on trend.

9. Be concise
A tweet must consist of no more than 140 characters, so condense your message carefully.

10. Use links, photos and hashtags
Using these tools in a relevant way can prompt retweets, drive traffic to your site and promote interaction. You can shorten links using sites such as, and to save space.

11. Check your DMs
Users who you follow and follow you back can send direct messages (DMs). Many of these will be automated, sales-related messages, but you may also hear from prospective customers, so make sure you check them regularly.

12. Be approachable
Twitter is fairly informal, so use a friendly, personal tone that will promote conversation. Make sure you reread tweets carefully before posting, however, as inappropriate tweets can spread like wildfire and may even have legal implications.

13. Publicise achievement
Share pictures or evidence of staff members who have excelled in your workplace or awards that your company has received and link to the website.

14. Ask questions
Another great way to promote interaction is to ask questions inviting your followers to respond or linking to some relevant research on your website.

15. Don’t spam
Tweet frequently, but not so often that people become disengaged and decide to stop following you, or worse still, report you as spam. This is highly likely if your tweets are very similar or overly commercial.

If you need advice about setting up a Twitter account or improving the reach of your existing business account, contact us today.



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