Adding Video to Your Marketing Mix

Web technologies continue to advance, and with those advancements come increased opportunities to interact with your customers in more sophisticated ways, such as online video.  In the past, the costs of hiring companies to create, process and host video made them inaccessible to the average small business owner – but not anymore.  You can now have professional video presentations on your website or blog at a price to suit your budget.

The ever increasing popularity of online video proves that many people prefer to watch a video that shows them how to do something than to have to read about it.  As a consequence, video delivers a much higher response rate and better informed customers.

Additionally, online video marketing is a great way to attract search engine traffic and YouTube (owned by Google) used in the right way can deliver excellent search results.  Video is the ideal medium for viral marketing activity.

So how can you get video marketing to work for you?  The following points will help you successfully integrate videos into your marketing mix.

1. Know Your Audience

As with all marketing activities, the first step is to understand your audience.  Knowing their likes and dislikes will help determine the content and tone of your video, for example, whether it should be educational or whether it should be a sales promotion.  Also, consider where your audience will be viewing the video – if on a mobile device that may also impact what the content should be.

2. Begin with the End in Mind

Knowing from the very start what you are hoping to achieve with your video will help you with the preparation of your content.  What is the purpose of your video and what do you want viewers to do as a result of watching it?

3. Integrate Your Marketing

Any video marketing efforts shouldn’t be stand alone, they should be in line with your existing marketing initiative and goals.  Your video should be a means to strengthen your existing marketing messages, for example when shown alongside blog entries or Facebook posts.

4. Test the Water

To start with, keep it simple – a short inexpensive video can be just as effective as a big budget production.  It would be a pointless exercise to put everything into video only to find your audience isn’t quite ready for it.

5. Review, Tweak, Go Again

As with most online marketing activities, videos can provide useful viewing information and statistics that should be used to determine what’s working and what isn’t – fine tune your video presentations accordingly.  Using this data over a period of time will help you find your customer hot spots and preferences.

To conclude, if you are wondering whether video is for you, keep in mind that when people know and understand what you are offering and what you can do for them, making sales is often easier.  If you would like to explore how video marketing can help grow your business contact us here.

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