8 Tips for an Effective Twitter Strategy

Twitter Planning an effective Twitter strategy can seem like a huge task. Twitter is an extremely busy environment and everyone seems to be using it, whether it’s to talk about themselves, their families, friends or their business.  The thought of milllions of people posting tweets every minute can be off putting.
The challenge for those who want to use Twitter to engage with a customer base is to find a way to get marketing benefit from it.  That’s why you need to plan and put in place an effective Twitter strategy.  Here are 8 tips to get you going.

1. Complete your Twitter Bio in full

This is where people see who you are, where you are and what you do.  Make sure you use your 160 characters to sum up your business properly and always have an appropriate business picture.  Using keywords specific to your business will help when people use the Twitter search functions.

2. Identify your audience

Once you have decided who your target audience is use Twitter’s search functions to find people and tweets based on your business’s keywords.  For example, if you sell custom made horse saddles use search terms like ‘ horse saddles’ ‘custom saddles’ or ‘saddle makers’ and once you’ve found the people looking and talking about these things, follow them.

3. Follow Wisely

Celebrity tweets may be interesting but they can be distracting and in all likelihood won’t be relevant to your target business audience.  Follow people, businesses and companies that can provide you with material to respond to.  The more worthwhile your interactions, the more benefit you’ll get.

4. Listen to and engage with your audience

Now you’ve identified your audience and begun to follow them, listen to what they are saying and the questions they are asking.  If appropriate join the conversation or answer a question.

5. Post regular relevant content

Key to making any social media strategy a success is regular relevant content.  Make sure your tweets are relevant to your audience and that they are posted consistently.   There is little point in posting lots of tweets in once go and then doing nothing for weeks.  Your followers will soon turn off.  Only you will know how often you want to post, but beware, too many tweets will be treated as spam and not enough will give people no incentive to engage with you.

6. Tweet wisely

You only get 140 characters so make sure your tweets answer questions or provide helpful info.  Make sure any links you post work.  Remember, be helpful and be the expert!

7. Get some help from software

There are many software applications like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite that can help you manage your Twitter activity.  These can help you with searching and scheduling.

8. Re-evaluate

Check the accounts you’re following from time to time and don’t be afraid to unfollow.  If people are no longer tweeting or you’re not getting any benefit from account, look for an alternative.

Got any tips for businesses new to Twitter?  Please post them in the comments box and help our readers get started on the road to Twitter success!


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