7 Tips For Effective Lead Generation

picture of scalesMarketing is the management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer

It can generate that all important awareness and spark up an interest in what your business can offer your current, and prospect, customers.

But what’s the point of marketing if it doesn’t generate business? Returning or new customers have to be reached somehow.


Here are 7 tips for effective lead generation.

1. Call to action
Facebook lifted a clause  from its page guidelines earlier this year which prohibited users from using calls-to-actions on, or in the caption of, cover photographs. This now means that when a page fan, or new potential new fan, lands on your Facebook page, they can be directed to a site where you would like them to go. They are now a warm lead and it is likely that they will become a customer because you have engaged with them and presented an interest via the social media. It is important to have clear calls to action on all marketing material. This could be; ‘call now for a free quote’ or ‘visit our website for more information’. This means that you can drive your search traffic to where you want them to end up.

2. Segment your database
It doesn’t matter how big or limited your email list is. By doing a bit of research into who the respondent is, where they are based, and which industry they work for, you will be able to send out relevant, targeted communications. This will not only avoid bombarding your recipient with useless information to them, but you will also avoid the spam box.

3. Content is still king
This is true for all your marketing. That’s your social media, press releases, websites, blog articles and emails. Getting your audience’s attention is the tricky part though. Keep the content easy to read, brief and with a call-to-action. Customize your messages to your audience – this will depend upon which platform you are targeting the recipient on. For example: your email marketing communications need to be creative yet to the point.

4. Land your audience on a specific web page
A landing page is the one page on your website which helps to convince a visitor that your services are credible and it is time to get in touch. At this point they are a lead, but not a converted customer. They are on your page in the first place because you directed them from, say, a blog or an update on Facebook. They are interested in what they just read so the landing page needs to continue to interest and close the deal. Share your businesses service offerings with images or a video which can help potential customers understand the benefits of taking action with your business. This could go a long way in helping convert visitors on your landing page into long-term customers.

5. You’ve got direct mail
Believe it or not, direct mail is still effective for targeted communications. Despite living in the digital age, there are still a number of businesses who are not adopting modern technology – 52% of SMB owners don’t even have a website.  By sending a piece of direct mail piece (e.g. magazine, letter, leaflet) to this audience you are increasing awareness of the service which you are promoting. It is also your chance to be creative, to stand out from the clutter, and engage with the recipient.

6. Marketing at an event
Hosting and attending events should be a critical component in the mix of lead generation. There are many benefits to attending a conference.
To name a few:

– You can take away implementable ideas from speakers and business owners
– The opportunities of new business leads, recruitment and future clients are plentiful
– If the event is an all-day event, one to one meetings can be arranged there and then which could benefit your business development plans

It is the perfect opportunity to build up your contacts, online and offline, and start networking. Events also present the opportunity to deliver speeches and content which conveys your brands thought leadership – this is where you can not only market your own professionalism but it is where you can position your business brand as a trusted leader in the industry. As such, events are likely to quickly turn a prospect into a strong lead.

7. Display your advertising
Display advertising is those graphical ‘ads’ that appear in the content networks. These are typically highly targeted to specified demographics or behavioural actions. You can choose where you want your display adverts to be seen by selecting an online publication where your leads spend most of their time. Your ad can then direct the traffic to your website, reaching more of your target audience.

All elements of the marketing mix are powerful leveraging tools which could generate leads for your business. For more information or advice on how to generate leads for your business, visit the WSI eMarketing website or call 01454 261111.

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