6 Top Tips From The Speakers At Mix Marketing Conferences

Mix MCThursday 21st November saw the first Mix Marketing Conference which brought sales, marketing and communications speakers together with business professionals from across the southwest.


The all-day event was held at the prestigious Cheltenham Chase Hotel in Brockworth which catered well for the attendees.

It was a great show with over 50 representatives from various business sectors. From lawyer services to events services, the room was thriving off networking enthusiasm.

The day of Mix Marketing Conferences was structured around six world class speakers who gave engaging and informative presentations.

There were lots of hints, tips and takeaways, far too many to list, so we’ve chosen 1 top tip from each speaker.

1. Robert Craven; Disruptive Marketing- why play the rules when you can make new ones?
How do you rate customer experience? Disruptive marketing is all about relevance, engagement and reputation. It’s not all about social media, you still need to meet and peak to your potential clients face to face. Robert homed in on the fact that marketing departments are forgetting that they still need that all important human element we crave for- we want a conversation with a human being.

Top tip: deliver superior customer service and customers will pay the price for it

2. Luan Wise; The Power Of Social Networking.
Luan highlighted the key data surrounding UK businesses and social media and why you need a strategy to achieve your business goals- 66% of UK companies believe that marketing must now use social networks, in addition to traditional marketing techniques to be successful. It should be noted that not all businesses require social media because it simply isn’t suitable for their industry.

Top tip: businesses utilising social media must have a monthly, weekly and daily routine which will benefit you and your social media connections.

3. Andy Williams; Mastering Local SEO.
Search engine optimisation is an ever evolving and changing landscape. To some, it may be perceived as technical, but Andy bought it back down to basics and explained the jargon in bit sized chunks. Local SEO involves; citations, local listings and profiles, on page optimisation, social media and reviews. He focused on Google and Google+ because it is the search engine giant and it is often the first port of call for any search.

Top tip: Get up and running on Google+ to rank higher in searches.

4. Richard Tierney; Creative Talks.
Hands up those who think they are creative. Well you’re all wrong! Everyone has an element of creativity in them and it’s not all about painting and drawing. In a business sense, if you take someone else’s work and adapt it to your business requirements, then you are being creative. You are thinking outside of the box. To move up one step of the creative ladder, businesses can, and should make mistakes because it is the only way you can learn for next time.

Top tip: Getting feedback will help you improve but make sure that what you are doing is the right thing, even if it is initially done wrong.

5. Rob Thomas; The Component Parts Of A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy.
There are 3 key elements to a digital marketing strategy which are worth noting; owned, earned and bought. To simplify, owned is your website and social media properties, earned is your online reputation and bought is pay per click (PPC) and SEO. It is important for each of these key elements to work together to ensure that your online and offline marketing do not become disconnected. Don’t forget to review your business in the market place and your business objectives. This will identify how each of your digital marketing components are performing.

Top tip: The value and cost of PPC is dependent on the return on investment you are getting. Make sure you test, measure, tweak and repeat.

6. Sara Lewis; Making The Most Of PR.
What makes a good story? Journalists like bad news. Public relations like good news. Sara highlighted to us that to sell newspapers, journalists use negative headlines which generates that human interest. But to sell public relations it’s about something good coming out of an otherwise unfortunate situation. And that ‘good’ could be your business. Every business needs a story because it generates an interest in your business, which is of value to readers too. Your business is real.

Top tip: In terms of generating stories for your business; write your story, make it relevant, add human interest then use the ‘new social PR’ to get it and keep it out there.

To keep up to date with the next conference visit the website 

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