6 reasons why you should be using Response Tap for sales tracking

Response TapWhen you hear the words ‘sales tracking’, it is often associated with large chunks of data which aren’t interrelated with other business platforms. Consequently, tracking often isn’t thought of as even an option for SME’s.

Experts expect online sales to rise by 12% in 2013, but there are still 22% of people that state they would never buy online, even if they research on the Internet. If you are offering a multi-channel sales platform, you need to take every sale into account when measuring the effectiveness of your marketing mix.

To cut to the chase, if you provide customers with the option of buying over the phone, without sales tracking, you will not see where these sales are originating from.

Bridging this gap between website page visits and telephone conversations is Response Tap, which is essentially a tracking service.

Here are 6 reasons why you should be using this sales tracking service to track your businesses performance.

1. Accurate sales data collection. The Response Tap software tracks customers for the entire time they are on the website, providing you with the flexibility required to accurately connect your web visitors to the phone calls.

2. Call tracking. Having a deeper understanding of the calls which generate sales helps you to fully understand which marketing efforts are most effective and helps you to improve marketing ROI. Call tracking enables you to answer all of the questions about why your customers call you. This enables you to report on phone call conversations, which can be viewed alongside your online conversations.

3. Automatic segmentation. Response Tap will intelligently detect patterns in the data. This is data such as call volume, call duration, call location and so on, so that you will get the best value from the data with minimal management.

4. Reporting abilities. The abilities of the tracking service can report on every key word, advert, referring website and the click which motivates visitors to pick up the phone and call. What’s more, once the service has initially been set up, all these abilities are done automatically for you. The reporting suite enables you to view these calls to your business in a variety of ways which can help you improve your marketing ROI.

5. Integrates with (almost) every software solution. Response Tap also has the ability to integrate with web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, CRM’s and bid management systems, to help you build better profiles of your customers and to gain additional insight. By linking the software with your Google account, you will also be able to see phone call conversations within your Adwords account. This will help you to make more informed decisions about your pay per click advertising.

6. Market leading features.
– Missed call email alerts. This feature allows you to manage potentially lost leads more effectively and close more deals. The email will include the necessary details of; the callers telephone number, how they found your website and which keywords they used etc.
– Dynamic call whisper. Enables a user to create a short phrase that can be read out to the call handler before and/ or after a call. This means that the call handler has more information about the caller so they can handle the call more effectively.
– Call recording. With Response Tap, you are able to activate a call recording feature to hear what your customers are saying, and how the calls are handled by your staff. This can support your customer service deliverability to the highest degree.
– Call benchmarking. This feature allows you to easily evaluate calls based on their duration. It can also be used alongside other features to customise reporting and provide better integrations.
– Dynamic call routing. This enables you to route your calls according to how the visitor has found your website, so you can direct the calls to the most relevant team, department or person within your business.
– Invisible number replacement. This means that, in most situations, the visitor cannot see the number change, unlike when using JavaScript.
– Sales and leads tracking. The sales and leads data can be logged in numerous ways against each phone call so that you can track the ROI of your marketing. It can be entered manually via a web interface or via telephone by the call handler.
– URL call-back. This feature allows you to send data about the visitor/ caller at the start and/ or end of the call in real time. This uses simple URL parameters to pass the data to an online system that you define. This feature can be used to store the data in a database, integrate with other online solutions like web analytics or CRM solutions, etc.

So, if you are marketing your business online, and offline, web analytics alone is not enough to ensure you have visibility of the total number of leads and sales your marketing produces.

You have now seen how Response Tap can help you to improve your ROI and marketing strategy, so if this is a solution to your sales tracking abilities, get in touch, visit our website or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

For those of you who are already using the Response Tap software, how are you finding it?

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