6 Clever Ideas For Creating Compelling Blog Content

The world of blogging has little in the way of rules, and even less in the way of boundaries. This freedom however doesn’t necessarily equate to an easy ride when it comes to crafting compelling content for business. The blog itself is fast becoming one of the main tools in any internet marketer’s arsenal, however for many the most challenging aspect remains maintaining a flow of quality content.

In this article we’ll be looking not so much at what to write about, but how to write about it. Fresh, engaging and optimised content is the order of the day here – after all blogging for business is about attracting traffic and keeping the reader coming back for more.

1. List Your Ideas
Many new bloggers start out with good intentions, but quickly run out of ideas and/or motivation. A great way to avoid this is to develop a list of topics from the outset, from which you can pick your posts. We’re not just talking about 5-10 topics here – think longer-term towards 50 or even 100. Farm ideas from online content and keep list up to date by creating a draft post of ideas on your blog dash post for ease of reference.

2. Double Your Earning Potential In 5 Easy Steps!
Okay, so we’re not talking money here, but you get the point. An attention-grabbing title will make the difference between whether established or new readers decide to read the post. Part of this process involves understanding your demographic and how to get their attention. Establishing this early on will make life much easier in the long run.

3. Quality, Not Quantity
For all but the most niche of subjects, blog content should be optimised to retain the reader’s attention over a short period. This means using simple formatting techniques to convey your point in a simple but effective manner, as opposed to reams of text:

  • Use paragraph headings/quotes/bullet points wherever possible to punctuate the copy
  • Use bold/underline/italics where appropriate
  • Utilise images and/or multimedia content
  • Ensure your font is of a decent size allowing readers to take in information easily

4. Exchange Wordiness For Conciseness
In other words, don’t waffle. Be concise and to the point. Heard of the term ‘all killer, no filler?’ – adopt this ethos when approaching your next blog post and you’ll be on the right track.

5. Link It
Building links are not only great for attracting traffic and building the strength of your page, but sourcing appropriate external material is a great way of demonstrating your authoritative grasp on the subject at hand. Consider other blog material too, and the favour will no doubt be returned.

6. Stay On Track
Remember, establishing a loyal readership is about writing appealing content that is relative to their needs/interests. Whilst the occasional off-topic entry is fine, maintaining a consistent flow of quality content is vital to build your image as an expert in your field. It’s not easy, but if you’re serious about blogging for business quality control should be top of the list.

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