5 ways to get the best out of email marketing

SocialEmailMarketingThe benefits of using email is countless. It’s fast, inexpensive and effective, which (if done well) can be the most cost-effective communication you have.

We recently sent out a survey to gain insight into how email marketing is being used. Perhaps to be expected, 50% of respondents* use email marketing on a monthly basis, and 28% use it weekly. It is important to find out what works for your business and to keep the frequency of distribution consistent. A primary reason why email recipients unsubscribe is the frequency at which they receive the message.
In addition, the survey identified that 78% of respondents view the master template as the most important feature in their email marketing. Email marketing services differ in the format and style, so it’s up to you to decide which is right for your business.

But with so many email service providers offering to do the same things, knowing what you need to get from them can be a little over whelming.

Here are 5 ways to get the best out of email marketing:

1. Relevant, targeted content. No one wants to receive an email which means nothing to them. Make sure that the messages you are sending out are relevant and informative for your readers.
2. Integrate with social media. By having an integrated solution provider which offers people the chance to share your message with the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, your message recipients will be able to share the content with their own circle of contacts. This means that your reach is extended far beyond your list.
3. Track. By tracking your email, you can identify what is working, and what isn’t. Things such as; open rates, click through rates, forwards and shares can also help with future segmentation.
4. Segment your email marketing lists. If you are doing 3, then you can identify the email content which is of interest to specific groups. This will help you send different tupes of email to subscribers and will help you increase the number of emails you can send in any given month without flooding your subscribers’ inboxes.
5. A regular flow of emails. Your email communications to the various segments of your list should ensure a steady flow of orders or enquiries into your business. This is a much better approach than the feast or famine strategy encouraged by a once-a-month assault on your entire list.

Now you have been empowered with email marketing knowledge, how is it working for you and your business?

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*WSI eMarketing survey based on 25 respondents

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