5 Ways to Boost Your Business Blog in 2013

This video has tips on how to keep your business blog engaging.

Increasingly the most important currency on the web is great content coupled with a loyal community. Whether it’s to shop, stay up-dated or to be entertained; billions of people access the internet every day prepared to engage with their favourite brands.

To grow a community around your content, your marketing plan should encourage customer interaction via social media websites – and just as importantly, from your blog.

Here are five ways to achieve a more engaging blog for the coming year.

1. Start As You Mean To Go On
Having your objectives clear from the outset will enable you to plan your content, set a
workable publishing schedule and keep your blog focussed while building your community.

2. Use the Right Technology
A good business blog shouldn’t remain static; it needs to evolve to not only make publishing easy – but to also encourage interaction by incorporating popular social media websites.

3. Design for Success
Your blog design should not only make the right first impression, it should also make the
most of your content. A good design includes:

  • A consistent look and feel
  • Appropriate branding
  • Intuitive navigation
  • An elegantly channelled layout
  • Clever use of ‘above the fold’ content

4. Joining the Lines
Make sure that your blog is not a standalone effort, but instead integrates all your marketing activities. Your blog can be an ideal hub to concentrate all your social, email and search marketing.

5. Your Content
Now everything else is in place, it’s time to get down to creating interesting, creative and
engaging content. This is best achieved by working to a plan which includes a schedule for
researching and preparing new material.

In conclusion, content is still king, especially when coupled with growing your own
community – a good business blog helps you achieve both.

If you would like help with your internet marketing, get in touch, or if you’ve got any tips to share, please use the comments box below.

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