5 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Your Business

logo.smlAs a professional of any business, having a page to showcase your work experience is vital to increasing your business exposure.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social networking site for professionals with 250 million members in over 200 countries.

Since the site launched in 2003, the way users have viewed the pages (personal and company) has changed considerably – 63% more pages were viewed on mobile and desktop versions in the first quarter of 2013 than during the same quarter in 2012.

So, just how can LinkedIn help your business?

Using LinkedIn you can:

1. Search for your target audience
The ‘advanced search’ is worth its weight in gold when discovering new connections. You can specify fields such as job role, company name, company size and location when doing a search which means you can be much more targeted with your research. Each connection will also have their own connections which could be ‘on profile’ for your business, so it may be worth taking a look at those too.

2. Increase your profile on thought leadership
As a professional, you have knowledge worth sharing. This is not restricted by what industry you are working in but the type of information you are sharing with your connections. As a thought leader you will begin to build up your own credibility as you become recognised by others for innovation, trends and influential industry topics. Over time, you could even become a ‘go to’ source for information as someone who knows about the latest industry developments. And LinkedIn is the ideal place for this to happen because your connections are often in the same, if not, similar industry.

3. Discover new products or services to provide
By monitoring social media you can find new ways to provide value to your customers. LinkedIn groups are an opportunity to identify what your target audience wants. By asking questions and listening to customers (existing and potential) a new product or service opportunity can be found.

4. Increase your sales
LinkedIn has useful sales and marketing products which presents huge potential for business to business (B2B) sales and marketing 

  • InMail is part of the monthly subscription / free profile, which has a high response rate. The number of InMails which can be sent are limited each month which, in essence, means that salespeople are encouraged to pitch to their top targets.
  • Sponsored InMail is a feature in LinkedIn which sends your messages directly to members’ inboxes. Sponsored InMail reaches high-value, targeted prospects through prominent notifications on recipients LinkedIn homepage, messages that stand out in their inbox and additional emails generated to their specified email address. These can be sent to larger groups according to specific audience criteria – recipients can be specified by geography, job role, group membership, company size etc.
  • Ad Platform is where you can run ad campaigns which include cost-per-click ads, sponsored page follow story ads, sponsored job listings, promoted company pages and display ads. These adverts have targeting capabilities, segmenting by job title, industry, company size, interests and seniority.

5. Improve your own Content marketing
As always, you can get an idea of what your connections are interested in by their levels of engagement – comments, shares, likes. You can also get an idea for content by heading over to the group pages. Here you could start a discussion with a link to a beginner article and ask other professionals for their feedback / opinions. You could even use the feedback / opinions to get some great quotes, which can boost the finished articles overall credibility. Either way, you’ll be generating targeted, relevant and engaging content throughout.

LinkedIn is a powerful social networking tool for professionals, complementing any business. This can really add value to your business and you could even begin to see a return on your investment (time and money) if used appropriately.

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