5 top tips on how to organically drive traffic to your website

Organic-SEOThere are two ways you can drive traffic to a website: organically or non organically, e.g. paid search advertising.
Non organic paid search adverts will continue to work for your business as long as you continue to pay for them.

For small businesses, this can be an expensive means of acquisition.
It’s not only the up-keep costs of paid search advertising that are a threat to your websites rankings. Are you familiar with Google Panda and Google Penguin? These are algorithm updates which are aimed at reducing a websites search engine rankings if they are ranked as a ‘low quality site’.

Therefore it is essential that your website is managed and maintained to avoid falling into these traps.
Organic SEO is a credible and reliable way to respond to the key search terms entered in the search engines- commonly Google, Bing and Yahoo!
Natural placement on organic search engine result pages (SERPs) requires the entry of key search terms in the website pages or referral to other associated pages.

Let’s have a look at these five top tips on how to generate organic SEO:

  1. Create a good bio. You need to show people who you are online- this comes back to being a credible source. The biography needs to explain who you are and how you can help potential clients. Supplement this with a photograph too. People like to know that there is a person behind the computer screen, and not a robot.
  2. Show people what you know. A knowledgeable person is impressive so this is your chance to show what you can do. You can do this by writing articles, commenting on blogs (which are posted in various locations) and even record videos/ audios if you like.
  3. Build your website links. By including links to other websites, and indeed other platforms associated with your business, you are increasing the reach of your website to potential clients.
  4. Set up your social media. Networking sites; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great for communicating what you are up to, and as a means of sharing relevant activities. This is also an opportunity for your work to be shared amongst your ‘followers’. This can additionally generate more traffic to your website.
  5. Get yourself out there and network. You can do this by attending events and speaking to businesses of interest. By networking offline, you will have the opportunity to meet and invite potential clients to join in on the various marketing platforms as a means of staying connected. This itself could generate business opportunities. Click here to find out how offline and online networking can benefit your business.

All of the above will develop a reputation online and could improve your organic search ranking. If you continue with the offline marketing too, you will not only improve your online rankings but also be growing your business overall. If you have any experience of how organic search engine optimisation has helped your business, why not share your hints and tips in the comments box.

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