5 Tips for Improving Engagement With Video Marketing

Online video is accessible and popular which has proven itself as an effective way to improve customer engagement, increase brand awareness and attract search engine traffic to a landing page.

As such, Forrester Research suggests that a video makes it 50 times more likely that you’ll get a front page Google result. This makes it a very attractive way of getting your message seen, and indeed, heard.

In this video we share our video marketing best practices on how to prepare for a successful campaign.

1. Proceed with purpose Establishing objectives means that you can integrate video into your content marketing plan. This is an ideal starting point for your video marketing strategy because you have identified a purpose, an aim, which the video needs to achieve.
2. Educating rather than advertising. Sharing a video is a great way to start answering common questions and to demonstration your expertise. Those which enlighten and educate could have more appeal over a commercial.
3. Keep it clear. Let’s bear in mind that the purpose of a video is to help deliver a message. Viewers are more interested in the quality of your content rather than the production values so keep it simple- good lighting, a microphone and a digital camera is all you need.
4.Call to Action. Direct any interest generated to you. Include a call to action- contact details or how to get in touch- in case your video is displayed on other websites.
5. Upload, Embed and Share. Videos can be shared across the many digital platforms: website, social media profiles, blog, emails and more. And to increase exposure from Google and YouTube, use those best practice search marketing methods such as SEO and PPC.

Video is a great opportunity to engage your audience, boost sales and expand your brand. For help with implementing video into your marketing strategy, give us a call on 01454 261111 or visit the website. 



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