5 Tips for Converting Online Leads

Websites have moved on from being merely online company brochures. While your website should still be your online ‘shop window’, open twenty four seven for your customers to visit – it should also be working hard for you to convert visitors into clients.

Think of your website as an additional member of your sales team – always available and ready to win new sales. Just as you might invest in training for such an employee to hone his or her skills, your website can be a great instrument for converting more online leads by putting the right tools in place together with some tried-and-tested lead conversion techniques.

Simple but Clever Lead Conversion Tactics 
Influencing your website visitors to take the next step in becoming your customers can take many forms. It could be to:

  • Fill in an online form in return for a free White Paper, industry report or discount coupon.
  • Sign up to a newsletter or stay updated with your blog via RSS feed.
  • Follow your social media updates on sites such as Facebook or Twitter, for example.
  • Register to gain access to exclusive areas of your website, such as video tutorials or a webcast.
  • Buy a product, request a meeting or make a booking.

Once you are clear on what the desired outcome should be, you can start crafting an appropriate online conversion strategy. While the desired end results may vary, the following key conversion techniques will mostly apply.

1. Attract the Right Audience 
Consider this your foundation. It may take longer to get up and running in order to research the market and identify the best ways to attract targeted web traffic, but your conversion rate and advertising budget will thank you for it. The scatter-gun approach may get you started quicker, but it will also drain your resources, with little return.

2. Create a Great First Impression 
Once you have attracted your audience, presenting them with a well-designed website that offers a first- class user experience will be a great start. But don’t stop there, use dedicated landing pages which relate specifically to your ads and which funnel your visitors into the direction of your conversion process.

3. It’s Time to KISS 
Keeping it straight and simple is key to channelling your customers’ attention. Remove distractions and make the next step – your conversion goal – blindingly obvious. Other ideas for giving your most important message some focus would be:

  • Keep your copy short and to the point.
  • Try to keep your content readable without too much scrolling.
  • Present your strongest selling points towards the top of your page so visitors see it immediately.
  • If you are using an online form, make it easy to fill in. No jumping through hoops.
  • Use a mixture of text and images to help break up the copy and complement your message.

A well-prepared landing page will make a big difference to the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and help you gain favour with search engines that emphasize more relevant content.

4. Give a Great Incentive 
Whether you are offering an industry White Paper in exchange for contact data, or selling state-of-the-art golfing attire, the starting point for completing the conversion is the same question all customers will ask: “What’s in it for me?”

Creating value-added offers not only provides potential buyers with incentives, but it also fosters loyalty and can act as a gatekeeper to qualify your customers.

5. Respond Swiftly 
Research shows that customers are most responsive immediately after initiating correspondence. An automated email function will allow you to send an immediate message – perhaps with an offer – upon your visitors filling in a form, signing up to a newsletter or making an enquiry.

In conclusion, don’t leave it to chance, it may take a little testing and tweaking before you optimise your conversion process – but it is worth the effort. If you would like help converting more leads from your website, call us on 01454 261111.

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